Reverse Osmosis Setup


I have a DI tank already and want to add an RO filter to it. I have been looking for just an RO filter that I can connect by a short hose to my DI tank but am unsure if the specs will work, since all the filters I find say they fit into pre-made carts. Is there anything out there that is only an RO filter that I can setup so it connects to my DI tank?

Thank you!


Couldn’t you just buy the housing and filter and connect with fittings.


I have helped a few people do this with a EZ Pure RO filter. You will need these items

Both the caddy carbon and caddy RO

Piglet inlet and outlet kit get 2


Thanks @John! Do I just buy one of the waste water hose and then each of the accessories and attach the di tank to the ro filter with that?


Yes one waste water and the piglets will allow you to connect garden hose to the housing then you can run a short garden hose to the DI tank. I will see if I can find some pics for you.


@John awesome thanks!