Retro tools


I visited a old retired window cleaner today. Friend with my dad and I got a lot of old cool and good retro tools.
Dozens of old Sorbo channels and 6 old Zero degrees handles from Unger (West Germany :de:… he he) and more stuff I haven’t seen before.
They made real and durable tools back then.
Also got a old classic green bucket on a belt. Maybe should change my setup to look like a window cleaner from the early 80’s :grin:


Thats cool… I love old window cleaning tools.


Retro??? Dang your making me feel old!


[quote=“whatapane, post:3, topic:49168, full:true”]
Retro??? Dang your making me feel old!
[/quote]Haha, that’s what I was thinking!

I was just wondering the other day if there are companies out there still using the original Tucker pole with the glass/metal soap dispenser and Tucker soap tablets?


I’ve heard of a few actually. One of my first large extension pole was the Sorbo monster pole.


Oh man, those are retro now?? I still use variations of all those, including the 3x4.


That old style Unger Zero Degree is a real find!


Those were the first tool I learned to use when I started to do storefronts. So easy to use! Better then the version they make today.
And I love the inscription “Made in West Germany”. Cool to still use something from the Berlin Wall times.


Yes I talk to one a month still using the Tucker Aluminum but I’m think they have all gone with pure water verses the tablets.


@wcs might pay good money for that zero degree squeegee…


We use swivel t-bars almost exclusively, since it is faster to wet storefront with them. Looking forward to a manufacturer making an ergonomic swivel t-bar with tension adjust like the Unger shown here. This Unger one typically breaks in about two months of use.

A durably designed, tension controlled swivel, ergonomic handled T Bar, has never been offered by any manufacture yet. Still waiting.


I started cleaning windows in 1980. Seeing that zero degree Unger squeegee almost brings a tear to my eye. I have a zero degree Unger Swivel today. No knob of course. I swap out a 12 inch, 18 inch, and 22 inch Ettore brass channel with the one handle all day. They just snap in and out. If I ever see Mark or Dane again I will ask them if there is a secret stash someplace on the planet. I wonder if they still have the mold at the German plant. Retro tools. Those were the days.



SIX!!! of the old zero degree handles!!! If you want to let one go please send me a price.


WEST Germany? You’re going back. I was there a long time ago - long before I ever though of picking up a squeegee. Stuttgart-Vaihingen, or as most Americans pronounced it ‘Stuggart Vinegan’.


Yep, think I have all of them except the strip washer in the bag. Please remove this post, it’s making all of us feel old.


You have my fullest respect, veteran :+1::grinning:


Check this thing out


Oh la la. The oldest Combinator on the planet.


Yea I’ve had it for like 15 years… it’s probably 25 years old? Ish


I was cleaning up in my garage this week and found my first scraper purchase. Forgot all about this thing. Its and Ettore that I purchased probably in 1992. It came with a red cover and weighs a ton.
But Hey it did the trick then. Not sure when they discontinued it. Ready for the WC Museum