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Couple quick things:
I think Curt Kempton is a cool dude. Never met him, but all the info I have seen him put out over the years is solid IMO
I am willing to be fair and say just because Responsibid didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. I have friends with large and small companies who all use Responsibid and have nothing but great things to say about it. We all have our preferences. I would encourage anyone to at least try it, it’s only $5 for the basic what do you have to lose?
One thing I do like about a lot of the trending software/services in our industry is that it is being created by business owners in the industry. Good to have that extra insight and see others are also prosperous


Yes. Just one year.


I agree! I hate videos. I like written instructions and user manuals. I have a manual for everything that I purchase in my filing cabinet, I never get rid of them


Well, if I had that kind of response I’d be a huge fan also. As I said I got about 20, not all of them booked and those the did had pricing all wrong.


@5star I’m interested in this. How is this accomplished? Very often I’m bidding lake houses with spotty or no cell/internet service. Would it require using RB on an iPad? If so is there an offline mode?


Im sure Curt has a better solution but when I give an estimate on an Ipad and I dont have signal I just tell them that my system is a little backed up right now and they should expect to see it in their email shortly. Would be nice if there was an offline version though


our city has a tax site that lists the square footage of every house individually so ia have a link to that site above the the link to quoteflare and it says to find the square footage of your home click here.
i use it for all my estimates.


I inquired about an offline mode about a year ago. No luck. Form only works when connected to internet.

Personally, I use the basic mode and I enjoy it a lot.

Love when they fill it out perfectly and pricing is exactly what it should be. All thats left to be done is call or email and arrange appointment.

I always check their address on google street view to confirm price before calling for appointment. If price is off I just tell the customer im still fine tuning this thing and I guess I need better explanations on the pane count or house size so forgive me the price it gave u was too low. Usually they accept new price.

I have found setting the minimum pricing (very high) to be very important. I would much rather RB quote a house too high and the customer says thats way too much wow no thanks when they receive the quote. Then RB quotes a customer too low and then I have to say price is too low and then that can really fire a customer up because they feel entitled to that price because my website said so!


Hey guys,

I just got off the phone with a Responsibid rep and I really like what I saw. Im starting my 14 day trial and was curious if any of you guys are still having issues with customers not entering information correctly or anything else I’d need to know. What confusing customers most? Any tips on your pricing structures?



I’m a huge advocate for ResponsiBid and I probably only use a quarter of its capabilities.

I don’t see it as all or nothing. I don’t run all estimates through it. I don’t use it as a CRM or for the follow-up emails. I don’t even send the estimates through ResponsiBid, I use The Customer Factor for that.

I mainly use it for customer convenience and time savings for me. We only get 250-300 ResponsiBids a year but it pays for itself (I’ll say it again) over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.


Yes, customers enter wrong information all the time. That doesn’t mean that ResponsiBid doesn’t work or that it’s faulty software.

It’s up to you to set it up with proper pricing and to communicate clearly to the customer that it is only an estimate based on the information THEY provided. You will verify that information upon arrival and adjust accordingly if the info is wrong.

If that is communicated clearly and concisely and you have a reasonable customer, then you should be golden. If the customer can’t understand the difference in price because of the information entered, then move on. Don’t work for unreasonable customers.

I still give plenty of on-site estimates for people that can’t figure out ResponsiBid. I have no problem with this because there are plenty of people who enter their information mostly correct.

I also don’t worry about if the price is off a bit. The way I see it, it all evens out.


Great feedback. Thanks Seth


I’m almost through with my Responsibid trial and am very pleased thus far. My receptionist is recording all lead sources and almost everybody is selecting the premium option for window cleaning. I used to bid $5 in and out plus light track and screen cleaning (for EVERY type of window), now I’m at $5-6 a pane in and out with tracks and screens at an extra $1.50 a piece and skylights are 10 instead of $5 now. I’m making more $ and I haven’t had to give one estimate yet. I will definitely be signing up and refining things as I go. The one thing I’ve found I need to do is really make it clear that we are pricing by the pane. I haven’t had any issues yet, but the Responsibid window types can be misleading when it shows 2 visual panes and a quantity below it. I may give an example to explain that that is 2 “windows” and not 1. Anyway. Great stuff so far.


I am just starting the process of rebuilding an old website. I am interested in buying this program. I just read all the post from this old topic and feel like it will simply gather the low hanging fruit. With that being said I think this program compliments a very well organized proactive marketing calendar. Without knowing for sure I would amadgine if you could drive more folk to your site, the better the program will serve you. Therefore the program needs to be feed.

Tell me if you think I am full of crap? I like to learn.

Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Don’t Try to Make Bricks without Clay!


Not so much "gathering low hanging fruit."
it kind of ELIMINATES low hanging fruit.


Help me understand what you mean? :+1: