Residential Bid


I got a call for this property today. What do you guys think you would bid this property at?


Can’t say for sure without seeing the other two sides of the house but keep in mind true divided Windows will be much more time consuming water fed pole would be great 3 stories in the back, upsell the interior partitions and doors


Do you have a base price that you charge for window cleaning? Does that account for two and three story jobs?

Are all of the windows, other than the single paned windows, true cut ups or are the dividers in between the glass panes?

Figure all of that in and charge according to your set base price with difficulty factors added in.

Are you asking because you do not have a set base price to go off of?


I go Tuesday for the quote. I’ll let you guys know what I come up with. I work alone so this to me will be a heck of a job.


I charge $5 exterior only for 1st and 2nd story. 3rd story jumps to $8 exterior only.

Ext/Int = $7 (1st and 2nd) $10 (3rd floor)

I’ve also been charging $1 per pane with French glass. (This is usually where the customer looks at me like I’m crazy)

$1 a screen cleaning (quick dry brush and clean with a wet mop if needed)

$3 per track


I also charge $1 per pane, French panes. It requires cleaning each corner and four sides of each frame, so yea - $1 each.

Curious, why only $2 for interior windows? It often involves moving or working around window treatments, furniture, drip control, etc.


Impossible to know without seeing the whole house and getting a window count. I do a house that is similar in sq ft. and price range. It has all french panes and it’s $1600 for ins/outs.


I think I’m in the same ballpark with the others in the area. People already hate when I give them the final number. This is my 1st month in business so I’ll reevaluate this time next year to see if I should raise my base price.


I just did one like that a few weeks ago, $1,672. Lots of work, but good pay. :wink:


How many man hours?


8 1/2


By yourself?






Yea, if every day were like that! But sure nice to land a few of them.




Nice work Garry.


Actually the WFP helped me shave time off the upper windows with no screens. :slight_smile:


1600 panes (outside only). I quoted $1200 and asked how much the last person charged. She claimed $385 but the results were poor (Fish). She understood and scheduled for the 5th of Jan.


Got to love these “the last guy” stories.