Removing stickers from windows?


I received a call on my ad today and the customer wants me to remove a sticker from his restaurant window.

It’s a local fast food location and they have put a sticker/poster on the window. I went down to look at it today and it seems as though it is a plastic or vinyl poster/sticker with adhesive on the back. It is NOT just a window cling. It looks as though someone has tried to remove it with a scraper or something. The poster/sign looks like it has ripped where scraped and there is adhesive left on the window.

My plan was to use a heat gun (low setting – not too hot) and heat up the sticker. Carefully take the sticker off with a scraper and then use something like goo-gone to remove any residue. Is this the right approach and if so, how much should be charged for this.

The sign is roughly 2’ x 3’.

Would appreciate any help with this.


Also… I understand that there is a risk to scratch the glass, however, I will be very careful without a lot of pressure.

Finally, I would get a scratch wavier signed. Does anyone have a scratch waiver they would be willing to share?


Jim.Thornton Inc. guarantees your 100% satisfaction with our services. Therefore, Jim.Thornton Inc. practices the safest, most efficient cleaning methods available. However, Jim.Thornton Inc. is not responsible for any pre-existing conditions that do not respond to standard cleaning methods such as scratches, cracks, broken seals, moisture or other corrosion between glass panes, or hard water damage. Dry rotted plastic parts present on windows, tracks, frames, screens, blinds or shutters may also break during standard window cleaning procedure and are included in pre-existing conditions. Construction clean-up, such as paint or mortar removal is not included in the standard window cleaning packages. Due to the wide spread problem related to poor quality heat-treated glass, Jim.Thornton Inc. will not be held liable for any scratches on any heat-treated glass during window cleaning. By signing this document, the customer agrees that they have read and accept the above terms and conditions.

EDIT: There are so many others online. I was reading about this for like 3 hours today.


Thank you very much!

How much should someone charge for this. It is NOT a regular customer, but a one-off request. I will obviously try to close him as a regular customer, but I would price this as a one-off.

I was thinking of $50/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge. If it takes less than an hour then I would clean the rest if the windows or something to make up the time. Does this seem reasonable or am I low-balling myself on this?

Also… I was doing some reading and thinking of using warm soapy water, a heat gun on a low setting and then a razor blade 1.5" scraper (very soft). Then use EZ Strip to remove the residue. Opinions?


Your welcome man. Hope that is of some help. Sorry bud can’t give much advice on this one. I’m in the planning stages of my business right now. Been researching for a month but haven’t gotten out there yet. Hopefully someone else here can give some opinions. In the meantime would you mind taking a look at my new logo and tell me which one you think is the best? :slight_smile: It’d be greatly appreciated.


$50 An hour if he is going to be a ongoing customer. 75 if not


I’d probably think about a wider blade… You’ll be there all day peeling a sign that size with a little razor.


Thanks for the advice!

I completed the job this morning. I got it started with the 1.5" blade and it just peeled off. It took me about 20 minutes for the 2’ x 3’ poster. He ended up asking me to remove 3 more while I was there.

Warm soapy water worked great to keep the glass slippery and wet with the blade. No scratches (I was very soft and careful). Then the EZ Strip All Purpose Remover worked awesome to remove the adhesive. Wiped right off.

Thanks for the help.


Just curious, how much did you end up charging?


I followed the advice here.

$60 per hour, 1 hour minimum charge.
It took me about 20-25 minutes to get the first one off when the guy asked me to take 3 more off and a couple of smaller stickers.

Ended up being 2 hours work total.