Removing holiday paint


So my aunt owns a kids hair salon. She has a friend who is artistic and comes and paints stuff on the outside of her windows around Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.

She usually cleans it off herself but I would like to offer to take it off and clean her windows. I have a few things of bronze wool, a large abrasive pad and am going to be buying a razor from Home Depot. What is going to be the most efficient way to clean them? Razor or bronze wool?

And what are the things I need to watch out for again? I have forgotten all of them. I know to watch for tinted glass. Tempered glass? Not sure if it’s common to use on storefronts but I feel like there are guidelines to follow when cleaning them.


Here you go:

If it’s that snow in a can crap, don’t bother, get a damp microfiber and wipe that junk off. Anything else will be a waste of time and make a huge mess.



the horror!


Get a quality razor scraper by ettore, Unger, whatever. The tile scraper they sell as a glass scraper at home depot will leave you wishing for something better.


@TheWindowCleanse on paint like that, my preferred method is to spray it with sprayaway (or any foaming cleaner) let it sit and then sacrifice a microfiber towel. The towel will get most of the paint and then any hard spots could then be scraped.

But I did a job last year at this time with that junk paint and it’s just a mess. I wish people would invest in the painter that uses good paint. Even exterior latex is better than that acrylic junk.


This is my preferred method also, less hassle no messed sleeve or Fliq pad and all you have to do throw out one or two microfibers.

Junk paint as you say, it’s a hassle for sure.

I’m seeing less and less of shop owners having their Windows painted for the different holidays.


Foam cleaner, cheap “Box O’ Rags” from Home Depot and just dispose of them as you clean up the mess, then final clean as normal.


For paint or anything else sticky we use ammonia. That’s the only time we touch the nasty stuff. Spray or wipe it on. Put plastic over it. Let it dwell. Scrape it off. Then clean the window as usual. That might be overkill for some situations but it works great.


Ammonia with a little soap in a small pump up is the way I do it also. Works great no mess the paint peels right off. Just reapply if it isn’t peeling An dwell time :+1: