Remove Over Spray from E-Glass Coating?


In the picture you have paint over spray on inside with E-Glass coating.
It has been on for about a year or more.
What is the best way to remove with out damaging the coating.


a brick? I’d walk.


Any takers!!
(Or is it a put it into the to hard basket??)


I already told you on facebook lol


Don’t make it your problem. Way too much liability here. I would advise the homeowner to seek legal option if the contractor who did this ( if it wasn’t the homeowner ) is not willing to compensate for damages. If it were my house and a contractor did this, I would demand replacement of any damaged glass. I think they would have an excellent case especially with documentation from the window company that no abrasive cleaners or razors can be used.


WDW, have read Denatured alcohol, mineral turpentine, or Acetone can be used on coating side. Any body tried this and failed? (Did it take the E-Coating off?)


What kind of paint is it?
What does the manufacture of the glass recommend?


Tried the Denatured Alcohol and it did not work for me. Though the paint specks were thicker than what is shown here.