How do you guys do receipts? What all do you include on it? Pretty basic stuff just want to make sure I’m not overlooking something. Pictures would be great too.



If you have an accountant, talk to them about receipts. There is stuff the feds like to see on a good receipt. I still just hand write mine out of a receipt book.


Ok yeah I just have a receipt book from the dollar store. I wasn’t planning on making my business fully legitimate just yet


I like it. Tough I wasn’t planning on doing it that professionally, I will definitely look back at this picture for an example when I do get a little more professional


Wave has a great free app for this.


I use the Joist app which is free also and looks professional. I also use a receipt book at times when needed. It really isn’t that expensive to have some receipt books printed up with your info on them etc.


Ah yes I totally forgot about the apps. For some reason I was only focusing on paper receipts


Thanks for the info. Forgot about using apps. I think I’m going to start using joist and see how I like it


I use the Shopify PoS app with card reader on my iPad Pro, I can select every service they’ve had, windows, screens etc. then take payment through the app, even if they pay cash/check I put it through and it lets me send an email and sms receipt on the spot, also automatically emails the following day with a few review links and thank you note, and let’s you save your customers and all their details for quick use later on


If you aren’t going to be legit, why worry about receipts?

In my mind, nothing worst then someone who isn’t legit, trying their hardest to fool people that they are. I don’t like deception. It’s dishonest.


If you are on peoples property and in their homes or place of business conducting business, then there is no reason not to be legit.

As a matter fact there are plenty of reasons to BE a legitimate business. Like it or not that makes you a “Bucket Bob”.

There are other aspects of your “non-legit-business” that are missing? Insurance? Proper tools and technique? Ladder safety? EIN?


Not legit? Either you are a small business or your are not. Either you’re a service business or your are a college kid trying to make extra money.



Not at all trying to look legit without being legit. I just wanted to give customers something for their records. I thought that would be expected from anyone, fully professional or not.


People who aren’t legit and are not hiding it - work for cash. No receipts. They assume NO responsibility for what they are doing.

My only hope is that you either get caught and lose your ass, or you go legit and do things right. You have been around here for several months, there really isn’t an excuse to not be legit by now. I’m sure you have made enough money by now to pay for liability and a business license.


Here is an example from a store front


JConsidering I can’t even afford to file a DBA in my county, I would say that’s a good reason I don’t have insurance etc. I do have “professional” grade tools, that’s where most of my money is invested right now. I’m not working with ladders, only doing 1 story storefronts right now. Call me a bucket bob. For one I don’t give a damn haha and the other reason is that I would call myself that too right now. Can’t deny it. Call a spade a spade. But we alll gotta start somehwere and that’s what I’m doing, starting.


I’ve never called myself a small business, entrepreneur or business person. I AM a college student trying to make extra money right now. One day I hope to run a small business but I won’t claim that title right now. God forbid someone start somehwere


OI’ll be the first to admit I have somewhat procrastinated about getting started. I’ve spent too much time thinking and not enough time doing. didnt know there was something wrong with giving receipts if I didn’t get the government’s permission to work. For being a capititalist you seem to not like true capitalism. You can hope and pray that I get screwed. That’s ok with me. Don’t take this the wrong way but at the end of the day I really don’t give a damn what you think nor want. To each their own. I appreciate you giving it to me straight but don’t think for a second that any opinion you may have, has any effect on my life. Have a good one


I like it. Thanks for the feedback!