Ready for the next step


Ok, so I’ve been on this forum for close to two weeks including before I signed up.

I feel that I have learnt a ton of great information regarding my new start up. I have been somewhat frustrated today because talk is cheap and I feel that while I am taking the appropriate steps I still feel unsatisfied with where I am at in the process. I guess you could say I have been getting excited and then the fear of failure kicks in because I have been down this road before.

I have spent an unusual amount of time on this forum each day. Due to being currently laid off since November. I have tried to add new topic of interest and been really pleased with all the responses I have received.

I decided tonight to take the next step in the journey by buying a membership to the joint associations. I am both very excited and nervous about this start up. I believe that this is the first step in getting out of my own way. A leap of faith.



Sounds like me last year. Go with the flow brotha. :+1:


Failure is not trying.

One step leads to another, let it unfold as you learn.

The past is where you learned the lesson, the future is where you apply the lesson.

Starve your distractions, feed your focus.


This should be on every office wall.


Wise words Garry! The fact that I am on the forum alone is a step in the right direction.

Waiting on accountant to do my LLC.
Spoke with Attorney this morning after church to source insurance.
I have a meeting on the 28th with SCORE.
Business plan 80% complete.
Got one incoming phone script ready to go just need to memorize it.
Business cards set up but, not approved yet.
Got hands tools, bucket, and three different sized poles.
Logo being designed currently.
Web designer working on my website.

A couple of things I need to take care of this week.

Source a 24 foot ladder.
Get a roof rack for van.
Get the appropriate rags and cleaning agent.
I need a belt. Maybe I can get some advice on that? I wanted to do this before but glad I held off. This is my lightsaber so to speak so I want to research what I am going to be wearing all day.

That about all for now, if you can think of anything I am missing please feel free to add. May be something small or big.