Read the BluePrint again after reading it again


I’m amazed at how much I am still learning from re reading this book! The last time I read it I marked the important pages… I realized how important the whole book was lol… as I progress further and deeper into my business I get to utilize more and more of it. I love how it is written for all tiers of the business.

Thanks @Chris

See my pictures.

My kid just demanded I upload this picture of us practicing…


Oh man that’s awesome. It makes me very happy to hear you are finding it valuable to your life and business. :sunglasses:


Things have slowed down for me and that was my thought exactly. Reread that and jump on here. Cheers!


DO it! That is exactly what you should do when your slowing down, especially during winter. READ, LISTEN, DO!

I am rewriting my advertisement for Nextdoor/Craigslist/Facebook, etc etc.
Re-reading my two books i currently have, and waiting for my opportunity to purchase a copy of Profits FIrst. I can not spend any money for 60 days unless I Get a gig. 0 If I do, we do not get our house.

I need Feb 20th to be here already! I have Clients schedule after that.

Keep moving forward!! We can do this!