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At least they hit the lake. They must be better golfers than me :frowning:


You have no Idea about a situation till you talk to the inventor of a product !
They know the whole story but often cannot say anything till a contract is over.
In about 6 months the real truth will be out there! But I have been saying the truth for 11 years
and only now some are seeing the false PR. Google the name and see what was happening
1999 ! Nothing has changed on the ethic’s or the one person just the product promotion !
A Leopard Can 't Change Its Spots - Bloomsbury International. A person cannot change who they are (their character), no matter how hard they try. This idiom comes from the Old Testament (Jer. 13:23).Jul 14, 2013


Matthew 7:3–5: ‘Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?’


LOL. So true Phil :blush: Now you are having a look in the mirror, yes?


Yes I have push my SimPoles but I have never been dishonest about the good product it is.
I have even tried over 6 different clamps to get it right! Hose holders too.
I was talking about this Leopard and he is not my brother by any means!


interesting excerpt: “exceptional marketing brain but is a shocking businessman”


You have no idea on the lawsuits and crimes committed by some because the PR covers or the personality !



Get over it. A 4 year old would tell you “let it go”

What is more important speed or perfection?

You mess with the clamps 600 times and never get it out
He beat you to market.
Get over it

You have claimed over the years he stole the design? Tell us of this James Bond style mission to secretly infiltrate your mind and office. Chances are a happy trusted window cleaner shared his design in some way opening the door to competition.

I hope you can move on Phil


What a true Inventor
does !
The real First SimPole ! Joke


I have 2 Gardiner poles I use every day and have never had one single issue in 5+ years. I have no idea who the owner is or what their past may be but they make great poles! Perry is a charismatic guy but makes sub par poles and if that is what I am buying then that is what I care about.



Is Phil talking with himself now? This just got interesting.


Pole quality is an interesting term. Let me say I have always used RI Minis since I purchased my first one in 2012. I’m OCD so Upgrade every couple of years (original is battered but still performing daily with a colleague)… The other day I had a play with an Ova 8 and I’ve also checked out other hybrids and full CF poles over the years. I’ve only had a brief hands on with a Gardiner SLX. The thing I’ve found is that poles are poles and if you match up the relative carbon stiffness there is almost zero difference between them. HOWEVER, where they do differ and provide a great or merely average experience are the CLAMPS. The Gardiner Smart Clamp has an absolutely stunning feel in action. With a bit of tweaking the Gen2 CNER Clamps work smoothly and efficiently (I note that the new Xero Micro has CNERS new Gen3 with internal shim and I am very keen to check those clamps when available over here). The Ova 8 clamps feel quite flimsy but only having to grip the pole for vertical tension this isn’t too much of an issue. The Rhino clamps on my mini I have an ambivalent relationship to. Solid and effective but at times teeth gritting in its action. On a cold winter morning you drop a section and you get stabbed by that fu__ing arrow… (it only happens once, box cutters are wonderful tools :crazy_face:). …and of course the one that I have yet to check are the very interesting looking Exceed/Phantom. SO, I believe what causes one to call one pole better than the other (all things considered) is the overall experience we have with it in the field. …clamps well designed, smooth operating, good longevity and they do effectively what they are designed to do which is lock the pole confidently at whatever point you have the sections secured.


I agree the cner 2 carbon fiber pole is very nice…I have been using it for about a 9 months now.


I’ve got a couple cner 3 poles. We like the rough exterior of the pole with the cner 3 clamps. It makes extending them quickly easy. You can throw it up and it will stick vs the smooth poles that slide down too fast. The hi mod tubes are great as well. I have a reach it pole, that is about as stiff, but thicker/heavier. Getting pinched by the reach it clamps is something you’ll never forget, but putting rubber o rings under each clamp mostly eliminates pinching. The cner poles are about as heavy as the gardiner slx, but significantly stiffer.


What is CNER?


Chinese pole manufacturer. Many of the pole brands available are CNER made. Solutions can be sections only to your specification (supply and fit your own proprietary clamps) or full pole and clamp solutions.


For 2019 I need to listen to this every day!


If you can but follow your own advice Phil? That would be a tremendous start :pray:


yes sir We HAVE COME A VERY long way in wfp and window cleaning. Best to talk about my experience and forget any competition!