Reach-iT Water Fed Poles & Products - NOTICE


I thought I was alone, only thing I liked was the rhino tube.

I was excited to get my “best pole ever” and paid more than any other too. Took a long time to figure out and setup on a 5 story building and had jets shooting out pouring water. Found it wasn’t easy to add and drop sections at tall heights.

Heaviest pole ever used, reminded me of original tucker poles.

Owned mine for one job and took a $600 loss on selling it, best loss in money ever.


This guy is around 4’ when collapsed and reaches 15’ when extended.


Shawn Gavin
RHG Products Company


Wow Amazing turn of events
I bought a reach it mini 5 years ago I think, took Fed Ex delivery a 2 pm and had it back to Fed Ex for return at 3 pm because the brush was spinning. I know this happened before most of the changes were made to the pole clamps. It was also way too wide on section one and hurt my hands.
I always think I m being to difficult with returns, I guess there were problems. with the pole.
I appreciate Chris and Alex alowing returns on items I m experimenting with like the ladder brace that made me go too verticle for my liking
I thought Perry was super reponsive to product suggetions I made like the swivel brush mount issued as the side to side. Sorry to see the dissolving of relationships , always make me sad


reaches or is?
personally i am never interested in the imagined reach of a pole only only actual dimensions.
what prey tell is the extended length of the pole itself?
the pole, the whole pole and nothing but the pole.

tried the link and cannot find anything by this name or at this price


how can a ladder brace make you go too vertical?


Weird, I disagree because I like ambiguity in my life.

All my window cleaning quotes assume that the customer will clean a certain number of panes themselves. I don’t tell them how many panes they have to do themselves because it’s a surprise. But basically if I think your 5 feet tall you I will leave 5 dusty panes for your, if your 7 feet tall I will leave 7.

I don’t understand your problem about the vagueness advertised pole length

I know your a King but that doesn’t mean you are entitled to accurate information to compare the options available and with your purchasing decision. OMG if customers knew I have vision problems that makes everyone look 20 feet tall (20 missed windows) they’d never hire me!


It makes the ladder so stable he stopped for a joint. And got too high. Badum-ching


Just over 10’

Shawn Gavin
RHG Products Company


nicely done @windowgleam i approve


thank you, that would take it out of consideration for me.


Reach-It must be like buying an American car in the 80s, you get one in a hundred that lasts 200K miles and the other 99 don’t make it to 50K. I’ve had my Reach-it for five years, no problems, and it has made me a lot of money. All of the original brushes sucked is my only complaint, so I started using the Unger Nlites.


What did you replace it with?


I replaced with Gardiner Ultimate 74. Even with much research I didn’t even see Gardiner offered that height until I already had the other brand.

That’s a tall Pole but is my favorite. Like to try what’s out there. Took 15 years two try new methods and techniques but find it so beneficial now that I do


Chris Do you have a Reach it mini leftover for a silly- teeny
amount of money ? Fully equiped??


The reason I ask is that I dont have an electricly safe pole for some situations . It could be handy


Hi - Josh no it’s not electricity safe and we are sold out.


No wfp is a hot stick. The story of the guy who almost got electrocuted was one lucky dude. The reach it helped but I wouldn’t bet my life on it working everytime.


the reach it pole skin will insulate you from the pole as long as it’s dry but carbon fibre conducts like leopold!!
ok who gets the reference??
i know one pole uses a base section made or covered in fibre glass to insulate


Doesn’t matter what the water fed pole is, water is a great conductor. I’m not going to bet on any water fed pole to protect me against conduction.

Someone might get lucky once and win the lottery, doesnt mean you will every time.


I got it. But only cause I watched a lot of Bugs Bunny as a kid