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It’s called opinions ! Good or Bad but a Google search of the name behind the product explains a lot too. I will not get into the details here but supporting real window cleaner’s like the guys here at wcr will not do you wrong.


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I doubt it. There are just way to many issues.

The math is 1 out of 3 Reach-iTs sold yields a complaint.

For comparison sake:

We have sold just as many Unger N-lites in the time period we carried Reach-iT - An Unger sale has a 1 out of 100 chance of yielding a complaint.


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Proud to say that I was the 1 out 100 lol


Love to see the main complaints because those are the things you try to get rid of in your design . If you really are inventor and manufacturer complaints are the key to a better product. On the other hand if you just get a China copy and make no improvements then complaints will kill your product because you really do not know how to improve it. Complaints are usually 1. Broken Clamps 2. Weight 3. Brushes 4. Stiffness at 45 feet bends too much 5.wear at the end of the pole or crack ends .6 Too much wear which is more of a U K thing. 7. Broken or lost pole. One of the best ways in product design is to use it in regular window cleaning by yourself and by the end of the day you will known most of the problems with it. At that point you try to improved the product before you go into production . Just got done testing at 75 feet and the main thing is to design the pole

not hitting the building at height.



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A couple years ago you would’ve been banned for printing that


Bottom line is, A lot of manufacture’s want more money and so they switch around finding where they can get the most money. When you have to provide 33% the vendor makes more money then you do some times.This is the main reason why some vendors are happy when you order direct because they make more then 50% on each pole and can push cheap wall thinkness designs. They have no desire to design a depenable good pole . WCR is not this way but really try to sell good designs but they need the 25% to 33% , Not 15% while you as a maunfactore complete by selling direct. When a vendor goes direct they short changed this way the vendors need to make a living. Window cleaning thinking only of price push the maket to cheaper designs then compalin they do not work well. Many vendors do not support true USA designs there by supporting the down way trend of bad product design in China by guys who do not wash windows.


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That’s funny right there I don’t care who you are.


I am curious to know what types of consumer reviews there are for WFPs and brushes where all of the competing brands are being compared. I thought the video that Alex did showing side by side comparisons of static rigidity was a good start.


You can YouTube most of the poles and see different guys using different brand poles so that’s a start. . But few actually understand what’s in a pole is because most manufacturers like to keep that secret but after designing post for last 10 years with 20 different designs I actually know what is in most poles by their weight and or stiffness and there’s basically 4 Chinese suppliers. Vita who supplies the Abc and the x line in UK is one.I could actually list and show you all of them but that is not the issue that is going to help you decide. Also many poles are a mix of different types of carbon fiber . The latest type is hid mod but a 100% hi mod is very expensive to make and only light and stiff but very breakable . You need to know what you are paying for too. But you will be hard press to have most manufactor give you the % of types of carbon in a pole . Example the old pro pole was 100% ud carbon fiber at 1.3 wall thickness and 8 sections cost about $300 USA . Many poles put 3K on the outside to look nice but what is the inner material ?


Yes. I’ve seen wfp bucket bobs all over Québec using Reach-it.


It’s not a bad pole just not a oringal design but copy with some 55 Msi HM and 3 k outside . If I was to make a guess it’s 1.3 Id to 1.6 id 50 % ud carbon fiber 25 % 55 Msi HM and 25 % 3K on the outside . So the biggest improvement was the 55 Msi HM carbon fiber to make it lighter and stiffer .By selling direct
They can make 60% or so on a cost of $700.00 by selling direct.Which is why most vendors will drop them. Because why complete with the manufacture who you are trying to help?


Ive wondered how the Summit compact compares. Its collapsed length is comparable to mini…Mark sells it a A Beautiful View.


I feel a 4.6 3 section pole design would be perfect 12 foot pole and only 2 pounds. Have another design to add another
3 sections add on to make it 30 foot actual lenght with 35 foot reach. waht do you think?