Reach-iT Water Fed Poles & Products - NOTICE


We parted ways business-wise last September.


I knew this would happen sooner or later. Im glad i ditched my reach it pole when i 1st bought it and went with Unger N-Lite.

See ya Perry


I knew this pole would be a piece of crap. The first day i starting using it, the pole tip was spinning. So i was told by the CEO of Reach It to just drive a small screw in my new pole. WTF


Me 2 never a problem with the nlite
I remember the battles over that pole


Yep. I remember i was being attacked by all the Reach It lovers. Unger N-Lite 4 Life.



Ugh I hated that pole tip. Was junk after a couple weeks. Then they switched to the yellow pole tip. That kept breaking on me too but it was my fault because I had the aquadapter on and it was putting too much leverage on the pole tip. Once I stopped using that I havent snapped a tip yet


Was it just the poles that were bad quality or the wash it’s as well?


Just the pole for me. The wash-it pro is made by IPC and they are located in the good ol U.S.A


So the wash-It pro is that a reach-It product???


The Wash-iT is a window cleaning resource product. Made for us by IPC.


Is it called xero pure now???




You can see the details here



It’s not a hate campaign. It’s one single public post to forever dissociate ourselves with the brand. We have no desire to sell the brand let alone have “exclusive rights”.

It’s not a hate campaign, to tell the truth.


Sorry to hear that. I have been having the Reach It Mini for a little over 4 years now. So glad I have never had any trouble with it. That is crazy there was a 30% chance of a complaint or warranty claim on them. I would not carry their products anymore either. That is too much stress to deal with.

@Alex Now I know why you are getting gray hair. Just kidding.


It definitely does not feel like a hate campaign to me, just a business decision as stated in the original post. However…there is no telling how other folks might run with it to express their dislike of the product.


You are in the majority of R-I owners then. In Chris’s post I didn’t get that he was saying the pole was a P.O.S. He is saying he doesn’t want a product that has a minimum 30% problem / complaint rate.


Was it ever there ?


I see a lot of people taking sides. I dont get it. You’re simply protecting your customer and your name from a product that you’ve had a lot of complaints about. I’ve seen lots of people badmouthing wcr as if they’re a competing product. WCR doesnt sell the product anymore, it really isnt that big of a deal