Reach-it Flow


Has anyone tried this new system? It claims to have more flow than the original Wash-it Pro, and a bunch of other improvements. I know they make a lot of big claims, so I’m asking here to get real results.


Well if reach it says it, it must be true :joy:




I dont care what the reviews are, my past experience with equipment manufactured from this company speaks for itself. I dont think much has changed.


Well, I’m giving it a shot. Will let y’all know how it goes. :grinning:


My question would be, is it still being manufactured by IPC Eagle?

Because I’d say 80% of the success of the original “Wash-iT” (now Xero Pure), was due to the high manufacturing standards of IPC. The other 20% was the streamlined and well-thought design which, as I understand it, was a collaboration between FoC and IPC.

If FoC had done all the design work themselves, I’m guessing the would have kept the design rights to it, and moved production to another manufacturer when their contract was up.

So who’s manufacturing the new Flow? Do they have the same track record as IPC for high standards of quality control? And perhaps more importantly, do they have engineers experienced in this field who can collaborate, and keep in check the sometimes grandiose and impractical designs from FoC?

Something rather interesting I found after some googling:

  • No one sells a “zero pressure RO membrane”. It is apparently a marketing term coined by FoC.
  • I cannot find any trace of the brand “Josson” in relation to RO membranes that is mentioned on the spec sheet


At least the membranes are cheap…
I’m going to run a side-by-side comparison with the wash it pro. Check the flow rate, etc. It has a lot of bells and whistles, as is normal for FOC. Hopefully they all work!


$249 for a their pair is similar to one 40"ro cost


Just yesterday I was chatting with a customer who needs a new system.



I’m not surprised looking at that thing. Too many doodads. The simpler the better… less breakdowns in the field.


@DeepC, did you end up going with the Flow? I see you did order the Tucker RO/DI Cart not long after this post.