Re-knocking door to door sales


How do you pay a sales rep that knocks an area that has already been knocked and have lots of customers in already? Do I just say they can only get new customers? Or do I say you can knock the doors of the current customers but they get a different commission than a newer customer? I feel like it’s easier to set up an appointment with a current customer by calling them instead of knocking on their door.


Are you going through a neighborhood for the 2nd time? If so how long has it been since you knocked there previously


It’s been one year


What commission are you paying now? Not sure you would want to change it just because it has been a year


$11/hour plus 2.5% commission or just 20% commission only (whichever is higher per pay period). Though I don’t have any returning sales reps


In your experience what hours are they working and how much in sales


All sales. M-f some Saturday’s. 3:30pm- 8pm. Around 20-30 hours a week par time


Id base the pay off how much revenue they bring in. Look back at what the potential or average from past history has been.

Either co e uo with an hourlyor even better commissioned base system.

I’m against commision for window cleaner but a sales position could be beneficial for both of you.


Not to side rial this too much but why are you agains commission for a cleaner?


That makes sense. Thanks


Depending on what region of the US you live in that seems to be a good pay
rate. If he is a good salesman 20% can add up to a good paycheck. I assume
you provide his expenses?


Seen it personally for different companies encourage poor performance, quick not quaility.

Greatly increases skipped work.


Yes, I do provide his expenses.