I had to cancel today because of rain. Do most of y’all do the same thing?


Residential yes, we reschedule.

Commercial we work as long as we don’t get very wet. Underhangs or light rain is doable.

We typically just go inside and work. We have had 3 days of rain this week so have been inside since, rest of week is looking similar.


If it’s a drizzle to light shower all day, we work. If it’s a constant downpour we’ll likely reschedule.

I tell my customers, if we rescheduled every time there was a chance of rain we would never work. I also let them know if they think any windows got spotted or streaked once the rain stops, just call us up and we will touch up any of those windows.

Maybe one or two times a year I’ll get a callback to touch up, and usually it’s a blown seal not even from the rain.


a rain policy has not helped us with cancelations.

Bad rain yesterday and a great client. She did not ask for it but we did the insides and will circle back for the outsides. 7 days of sun coming our way.

Our best weapon against rain has been building up a client list and offering services that rain does not impact (gutters, pwing). Cancelations use to hurt bad, now we just keep a floater list of work and shall it happen move things around.


If I’m itching for a day off…rain is a good excuse. :grin:

But for the most part, I can usually find a way around it.

“Floater List” as @DaveYogi said, is the best description


hell no, unless it’s severe weather it’s game on.


Next time I get a rain cancellation I’m just gonna send them this. LOL


He is right…if the windows are clean, unless you are getting a severe thunderstorm-- the rain dries clean and windows stay fine. Unless it is raining mud, and blowing 40-50mph-- windows stay fine. 13+ years, never seen the windows get “messed up” with some rain–


You got that right …happened to me Thursday. Had a $600 power washing job On a $375 window cleaning job on , An of course the window cleaning joh canceled. I probually could of gotten the PW job done. He called
, An he said either way he is good :grimacing:, hence a Nice day off. Got some estimates done , an a nice relaxing day


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