Quick-LoQ 30 second fine-tune


Put video up over 4 years ago to make it easier to use the Gardiner Quick-LoQ.


Thanks @HE_MAN, I have some plastic squeegee handles, mop handles, dusters, etc… I’ll do that to.


How many people use this connection here in the states??


I’m curious to know too. Looks like a simple, yet good, method of attachment.


I don’t think Gardiner Brushes are very popular in the US?


We Quick-LoQ all our wfp and traditional poles. Even our non Gardiner brushes have Quick-LoQ.


We have had quick lock attachment on all our tools for the past 5 years.
It will be a matter of time all tools will have these connections.


It’s what I use. Swivel and fixed gooseneck. I’ll adapt any brushes to this.


I like the design, square connection is better than a round connection. Like you, and partly because of your videos, I have made several handles and modified attachments. I have to make them to fit the pole tips we use here. So, I end up with a hexagonal shape.


Really it can be any shape you want it to be.


True. True.


You can use this to use other tools as well.



Do they make one with the cone and the angle adapter combined?

I just made another one of mine up last weekend:


Here check this one out .


Thanks Herman, your video is where I got the idea for making my angle adapter. Works great and a lot fewer moving parts.