Questions for those who work out of a truck


Who here has a Ford Ranger, and is it a good truck to work out of? I’m looking to get a different truck and I’m wondering what works for you guys. Fuel efficient yet big enough to carry a 32 on a contractor rack.


I use a Ranger. I’m only 5foot6 and I love it. I use a backrack and have had 32 foot ladders on it. Fits all my equipment too. I don’t have WFP but it can be utilized to fit one plus everything else.


I’m 6’2" if I had to drive a ranger I could make it work but that would be high in my list of priorities to upgrade. I’m in an extended cab Silverado. Once I removed the backseat and installed a diy load lock in the bed, it works perfectly. Almost 300k on the clock and runs like a top.


Ranger works fine for me and I’ve got a WFP as well.


I’m working out of a 2006 Dakota , wondering if it would be worth it to downgrade to a smaller truck to save gas


I’m 6-foot four 320 lb and at my last job they gave me the smallest truck a Ford Ranger without the extended cab. they gave the biggest guy the smallest truck I had to slide the seat forward so that I can lean the seat back enough that my head was not hitting the roof of the truck


That must of been rough, especially after a long day!


I think it contributed to my back injury


Back injuries are rough to deal with especially being in a labor intensive industry.

I hope your back is healing/healed correctly Ben.


Something to consider with a smaller truck comes a smaller engine. When fully loaded small engines have to work harder and drink more gas. I had 2015 Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 with it fully loaded (all equipment under a tonneau cover) it would get 14 mpg around the city and 15-16 mpg combined highway/city. If I didn’t bury my foot on the go fast pedal. When I knew I was going to sell my business I sold the Tundra and went back to my old Honda Ridgeline for a work truck. When it was fully loaded the Ridgeline got 11-12 mpg city 14-15 mpg combined. I couldn’t believe it!


LOL. I feel for you :slight_smile: