Questions about xero pure


Just got a new xero pure and was excited to try it out on a job. Got it to the job and hooked it up to water and turned the water on. Water stated to leak out of almost every connection on the thing. So I have a couple questions about how to take care of it.

First off I see that the hoses that connect the ro to the di and the wastewater hose are pretty cheap hoses. The one between the ro and di is really on the short side, it even blew off the connection in the ro side because the zip tie used to hold it to the barb on the connector wasn’t tight enough and the second I shut the water off at my pole it was to much pressure. Other than that though, the brass hose connectors used are really poor design and leak from between the two different pieces that make up each one. Looking at them I really should have known and replaced them before using them at all. The connector on top of the ro housing was bent and leaking as well, which I already replaced and everything seems okay. It must have been damaged before the unit was assembled though as the filter housing would have been damaged long before a connector like that would bend. Plus the packaging had no signs of damage either.

Anyway, I don’t see anyone else mention this so either they changed some parts they use or I simply got a bad set. There is no way the ones I have could ever be tightened enough for it not to spray some water out. I don’t see why this should happen, better hoses would not cost much more especially buying in bulk or making them like a manufacturer would. Maybe I’m just expecting to much due to the price, I don’t know.

So here is my question anyway: can these hoses be replaced with larger hoses or will that cause some issues in operation? If there won’t be a problem I can just replace them with some garden sized hose made to length and it won’t cost but a few dollars. Am I the one that is having issues with it?

Anyway, sorry such a long post I just want to figure things out so I can get the job I’m trying to do finished. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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I didn’t have any issues with leaking really. I do agree the hose from the RO to DI was too short. It caused the hose to kink from being short which caused a little reduced pressure.


We will get you a new connection hose out first thing Monday. The design works great and does not leak. You must have got a bad one. Also we can send you a new fitting for the top of the RO if you need it. Call me first thing Monday morning and we will get it ordered for you.


Gotta give the update and set everything right:

So I swapped the hoses for some that I made out of a bit stronger of a hose and it appears that everything is all good. I did some asking around some plumbers (that know what they do well) and they don’t think I’ll have any issue with the hose difference as it’s only a minor change and the system has a flow regulator on the di output anyway. So problem solved, it was the brass ends that swivel that leaked and maybe that is the only option available for fitting the size hose they put on it. The hose I’m now using is slightly less flexable but no leakage at all. Sorry for freaking out and all. After my issues with the system before this one it was super upsetting when things wouldn’t work right.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love this thing and the build quality other than the hose. If it was a little more expensive to add stronger hose it would be worth its price. I bought it to upgrade from an ezpure caddy and the difference is amazing. Anyone thinking on getting into water - fed should do themselves a favor and just buy this one. I thought I’d save the money by getting the other one and all it did was disappoint. I’m sure it has its use, but this thing is so much better. I checked out every system I could and the xero pure was always the one that seemed best. I second guessed it and should have gone with my gut. Compared to other units by just about any manufacturer, or even building your own, this one stands out. Regardless of the minor issues, which I fixed for less than the cost of an old school squeegee, I highly recommend this system and am happy with my purchase. I still don’t know if the hose ends I got were faulty or what but it’s not an issue any longer. Thanks.


Glad you got the leaks stopped. We are sending you new fitting for the top and a new connection fitting for the RODI to have if needed.


Im not knocking this product since I have never seen one so in general companies in general too commonly try to save money on minor items that fail. I get the attempt to keep prices low in comparison to their competitors but like many say here seperate yourself from them and earn thier longterm business.

We see it everyday from vehicles to toys, quaility is severely lacking in goods and services.


We have been discussing @dan3 s issue internally this morning and we believe it to be a manufacturing glitch of some type. The XERO Pure made by IPC up by you @jhans produces very high-quality products.

We’ve had opportunities over the years to “cheapen” the unit up but have always declined. We have thousands of these in the field and problems are few and far between. When they do arise we handle them immediately. ( fortunately, they don’t happen often )

The XERO Pure is in its 6th year now. Over the years we have made improvments to the quality of certain parts with out a price increase. It started at $1895 and still is.


I just want to be sure no one misunderstands what happened or questions the product quality. So here is my review of the product. The following is my overall view after 2 jobs, which isn’t a lot but I’ve used water fed since around 2003 on and off so I think I know a bit about things. I’ve only owned 2 systems, this one is by far superior to any I’ve used that were more than just a di tank which really isn’t a system so there is no real comparison to make.

I give the xero pure a 5 out of 5 hands down. A good bit of exactly why I like WCR and buy things from them is evident from what has been said here in this thread. They clearly care about this product and believe in it and back it up 100%. No other company stands behind a multi - stage water system like this. If you buy a xero pure you can tell they want you to be happy with your purchase. This alone makes membership and buying from them worth doing. People hype a lot of things up for no true reason, not me. If something is not good I think that bringing it to peoples attention will help because without feedback no company can improve. I agree that my product had some flaw as the hoses just don’t seal correctly, but this is not anything against WCR in any way. These things will happen from time to time as anyone familiar with manufacturing knows all too well. I hope everyone can see from the above posts that these guys are a great group of people. They didn’t try to hide anything, erase the post, or countless other things they could to make something go away. Instead they are working to make sure it was an anomaly and isn’t repeated. Their true colors are shown and the values they hold as a company. The only reason I am posting this is because I think some people might have the wrong idea. If anything this just proves they are as they say.

I would like to thank Chris and all the crew at WCR for making me feel like a cared about customer. When other companies are getting worse with customer service these guys are great. They have made me proud to be a member of the site and I will purchase from them before others because they do what they do. In less than a year they have made me a loyal customer. They have reasonable pricing and close to if not the lowest price on shipping I have found in the industry. You might find a thing or two for a couple percent less elsewhere but you don’t get the customer service and shipping rates they give. Shipments are always on time and I’m in AZ, which isn’t really close to where most shipments come from. They are a great place for advice and products, you have to like one place that does it all.

Okay, I’m finished ranting about it, hope that helps people see how it really is. Keep up the good work.


Well said :+1: