Question for Aussie cleaners


I’m still experimenting with soaps and yet to find one that I like, at the moment I use the “earth” brand for my liquidator channel and morning fresh for my other channels, what do you guys use for liquidators if you have them and everything else, I’m starting to get too much soap stocked up


Citron is the best soap available in Australia, it is not cheap though at $50 for 5 L.

Morning fresh is not a good option for window cleaning imo, I used to use it a long time ago, but it has bleed issues.


You can’t get Dawn Ultra in Oz?


Is it this one???
Citron Whitely Neutral Detergent


You’re ober thinking your soap. Its purpose is just to lubricate the glass so your a squeegee will slide and to emulsify dirt. Any dish detergent will work fine. Stop spending $ on soap and focus on technique.