Question about damaged glass waiver and CCU


Okay so here I am learning a lot of new things to me about FD and Heat Treated and all tha from this post about : HOW OFTEN DO YOU CHANGE BLADES. which led to a link between llazkco and juggernaut going on to a link :SCRAPERS ON EVERY FIRST TIME CLEAN. After reading all of this I’m wondering what is a good waiver to use.

AND can anyone direct me to a video or a book that is worth looking into to really know the ins and outs of all this CCU jargon and window jargon like knowing the different types of glass and how to clean them in specific instances plus things like aluminum frames with mortar spray and tempered glass with concrete on them. I’m beginning to see how much more I have to learn.


This site has some example waivers and can probably answer many of your questions regarding fabrication debris & tempered glass.
Stop Scratched Glass - Sample Waivers