Question about 1st commercial jobs. Waivers


So ive gotten nearly 5 accounts from 2 days of canvassing. Today i did a pretty decent sized restaurant. Windows were dirty, did back of building only… still have front to do tomorrow. Windows were decently dirty and when i was cleaning them i noticed some scratches. I only used a rUbber squeegee & mop. I dont even use wool so i know i didnt cause them

This got me thinking i should have everyone sign a waiver before i start work.


Dont see how a waiver would cover this. Dont think just because you have a waiver you are not responsible for anything.

Best to do is cover yourself by pointing this out immediatly. Especially by finding the scratches on a dirty window prior to cleaning it. It is easy to do once you know scratches are present


When im doing the front windows tomorrow pull him outside & show him?


Try and find a window you havent cleaned yet in front that has them if you can before pulling him outside.
If you can’t find one then yes.


ok if i find a window in front thats scratched ill let him know before i start. damn man… im feeling paranoid as hell now.


You shouldn’t. He probably don’t even care or don’t even know they are there.
He will STILL not care after you tell him. It just covers your backside just in case I’m wrong and he does.

Windows are only an item on his punch list that needs to get done. Unless the window cleaner becomes a huge pain in the rear, and the windows get cleaned they usually don’t worry too much about that stuff. They got other fish to fry. Don’t sweat it. Its not a big deal.

Forget about a waiver. Most cases the client starts thinking its an excuse for bad work. Most reasonable people understand. For those that don’t, we point em out before we start. Everyones happy.


Don’t feel nervous. You didn’t do it , An that’s that. If you don’t use a blade you didn’t do it.
I don’t think there is a store front out there that doesn’t have a scratch here or there. I agree with Thor it’s nit therr house they don’t care ! If they give you a hard time then there idiots.
Only worry I would have with a store front and scratches is if the store was just built. That’s it !!!

If they complain Just say there not from me I don’t use razors. Ther is no need to. Why would I use a razor to take dirt off . Then explain what, an how you do maintenance cleans

I have 2 dealerships that were rebuilt. The guys who did the construction clean off scratched the hell out of the glass , An the owners didn’t do anything. One was so bad the owner actually called me, but before that I pointed it out to the Manager.

After I told him who An why it happened. It was just …ok as long as it doenst get worse :joy::weary::scream: Get worse you have to see this. Brand new !! Scratches side ways ,front ways ,all ways. Insane !!! Lol.

Owner is super nice. I do his house yearly. They even scratched up his 20-40 thousand dollar garage doors :face_with_hand_over_mouth: