Putting soap on windows using wfp


If windows are very dirty I have been putting soap on my brush and then cleaning the window first with soap. I can usually hit two or three windows with my brush and get soap on all three but then I have to drop my pole down again. What I would really like is a remote control device with soap in it and mounted at my brush so I don’t have to keep lowering my pole down. You wouldn’t use it a lot but I have cleaned windows that didn’t turn out very good and I went over them with soap and they were perfect after. Got any ideas?


Put soapy water in a high powered squirt gun and blast the windows you need soaped up.


On select occasions I have used a pump sprayer adapted to a second pole hose that feeds the pencil jets on my brush (I have a rinse bar for rinsing).

Most pump sprayers use 5/16” rigid tubing after the trigger, so it’s a simple matter of swapping the wfp tubing into the compression fitting on the trigger.

Carrying around the pump sprayer and dealing with the extra hose is a real pain, though. Only situation I really use it are for jobs where I need a sodium hydroxide solution to melt oil-based stain off of the glass.


I have the same idea as Rocky, just haven’t come up with a good solution. Keeping an eye on this one.


The Squirt gun idea might just work for now, if you can hit the windows right on without getting soap on other things.


I drip about a 1/4oz GG3 on my brush and scrub as many windows as I can without the water on, run a little bit of water when the brush dries out to re-activate the soap, scrub a few more windows. The problem is it takes a while to get all the soap out of boars hair and that can ruin your rinse, just have to use a lot more water to free up all the soap.


Have heard that Tucker has an adapter for this. Expecting other companies might also. I would really like to see a good system for this because I am working on a chemical/product to make glass hydrophylic. As I start my Meets around new England down to PA I will be working with guys on this idea along with the Super Soaps. Alex, I have really got to get over there this year. Look around for a location/restaurant where we can plan a Meet. I am working with Ricky of Critics Choice on my first Meet down in Fishkill for March 8th a Friday. This is going to be a lot of fun.