Purpose of 0 degree handles


Pretty much what the titles says, what’s the purpose of a 0 degree handle?


To squeegee a window.


Depends on if you use Celsius or Fahrenheit as a measurement…


Not sure that it’s main purpose was to piss me off but they do.


To squeegee a window at an angle that a regular squeegee can not. I’ve used them for fanning on a pole with a window that was directly in front of me


I was gonna say “to hold a squeegee channel” but yeah that’s true too


Exactly this. The 0° from handle center allows you to squeegee with your pole closer to horizontal while still maintaining proper angle of rubber to glass.

Some skilled cleaners can even fan a floor-to-ceiling pane with those tools.


Also good for skylights and bottom or side close outs on deep frames


great for transom windows, windows with deep frames, or situations where you are leaning over a houseplant, standing on one foot, reaching around a low bookcase and there is no way in hell anything else will work but 0 degree. Or your snugged in behind the couch, barely able to turn around, the top half of the double hung is no problem but the only way to get the bottom, because its all below your waist, and you can’t bend or back away from the window, is 0 degree.


Also for squeegees that never finished college.


Ok that was pretty good hahaha




Hey @Parker1751 heres a great video @Beautiful_View put out on the 0° Unger handle. It rides on my belt daily, one of my favorite handles.



Guilty as charged.


I use 0 for skylights


drum flourish and cymbal crash<


Back in the day we use to show off fanning a window on a pole to impress the girls … but that was back in the day.


Cool video


I know the OP is over a year old but,
I’ve read the discussions and watched the videos that are around.

I’ll add: I zero degree most big commercial glass, over desks, under lamps, floor to ceiling panes, and transom type glass, especially when the pane is “blocked”.

I decided to roll some video so you can see the zero degree in action.

saves me tons of time…



Nice work Jimmy, love my zero degree it’s a work horse!