Proper terminology


This is probably a very silly question. But I need to know.

Everything I read or hear is “window cleaning”. Is “window washing” interchangeable or what? I only ask because the company name I chose is something “window washing”. Curious if that sounds wrong to everyone or if it will be fine?


my opinion. Wash-Rinse-Dry = Clean.
When I wash my car, its not clean until I rinse and dry it. Other wise its covered in dirty soap.
Laundry, when I wash the clothes in the washer, they are not clean until rinse cycle and dryer load.

Just my Opinion.


The term window washing is never used in the UK. Always window cleaning. Not so sure about USA but the comment above makes sense.



Josh check out this thread it a good one. There are many more available by entering subject name into the search bar.

Hope this helps.


Thankyou for the link to the other thread. That also lead me to a couple other threads regarding this. Glad I’m not the only one that asked such a silly question. However it seems that it’s more of a preference thing. MOST people do prefer window cleaning it seems, so I guess I will be changing my company name.


Your welcome, you can find most answers to you basic questions and more using the search function it’s an unlimited wealth of knowledge.

I prefer “window cleaning”

There is a difference between window washing and Window cleaning, but the general public doesn’t know that until they deal with a window washer and then deal with a window cleaner (huge difference in the final result.)


I also prefer window cleaning

Check these other services with the same thought, it seems to vary. The only one that fits to use washing, is pressure washing. Why… no clue. Sounds best is my only thought

Carpet cleaning
Pressure washing
Tile cleaning
Duct cleaning
House cleaning


Example One :
A - " I am washing this window. look it’s Washed " ( Defines What you did )

B - " I am cleaning this window. look it’s Clean " ( Defines Result )

Example two:
A - Jeff’s Window Washing -We Wash Windows

B - Jeff’s Window Cleaning- We Clean Windows

Example Three :
A - Customer Says, " I hired Jeff and look how Clean my windows are "

B - Customer Says, " I hired Jeff and look how Washed my windows are "

We use Clean !! LOL


That says it all.

I have washed clothes that did not come clean.


…Yes, washing is just an activity, while cleaning, also an activity,
implies the results.


Look up the definitions you will find that washing is a method of cleaning involving water and possibly soap.
“The windows are very clean. how did you do it?”
“I washed them.”
Washing is what we do to get the windows clean (in most cases).
there is nothing wrong with either.



they do house washing :wink:


Think about this, house washing would imply siding or exterior?

House cleaning would imply janitorial or interior?



I say both work just fine.

Back before WFP, I would say “window washing” would represent the use of power washers; actually soaking and rinsing the glass.
Traditional methods, is more of a cleaning.

But with WFP, your definitely washing/cleaning. Go with it bro.


You wash your dishes with a dish washer, you clean clean dishes by hand. :wink:


My business is called Ike’s Window Washing. I did this because alliteration is awesome. I also did a google search and it appears that window cleaning is not as popular of a phrase as window washing here in the US. I think that it’s really up to what area you are from, and honestly, your reviews, your service, and your attitude will do more than your name. However, if you are early enough in business that a name change is easy and affordable then do what you think is best. I do sometimes second guess my choice, but I also do use the term “cleaning” in a lot of my promotional material. Think that “cleaning” probably does have a better connotation, but it’s different in different places. :slight_smile:

EDIT: My research was not only inacurate, it was completely wrong. I can’t change my business name now, but I do think that “cleaning” is the better term… Although, the most popular and now retired window washer in our community was called the Old Norwegian Window Washer, so I still think the name is not completely responsible for how your business is received. :slight_smile:

Edit to the edit: The term “Window Cleaner/Window Washer near me” however, it is window washer that wins out. Interesting…