Profit Sharing Plan?


Has anyone designed a profit sharing plan for their employees? If so I would love to hear how you designed it, and whether you felt it was effective in gaining and retaining good employees.

I’m thinking this could be a great way to develop loyalty and enthusiasm among my team. Any thoughts?


Edit: It takes a lot of profit to offer profit sharing. Props for even considering it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally I pay a good hourly wage, 2 paid weeks off a year, Xmas bonus equivalent to 1 week pay and the mandatory paid holidays.

I dont feel any need to add any type of profit sharing or 401 k.


ive been solo for a while contemplated growing and getting help but dont think i really want too go that route though.

i think that may entice some ive also heard of cost effective ways for small operations too offer 401k type products


Nah. They won’t stick around long enough for it to matter.

Incentive based pay structure may be more attractive to a window cleaning employee.


I’m selfish all the profit goes to me


You might want to look into a defined benefit plan. If you have further questions, possibly private message me.