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Hey guys, so I have a little dilemma… next couple weeks are booked solid with big lake homes. Sounds great and it is; however, my employee just had a scary medical issue pop up and will be out of commission for a while. Part of my selling point for customers is the professionalism they receive i.e. we show up when scheduled etc etc so I don’t want to reschedule these customers. So, it looks like I’m going to have to kick it into a higher gear to somehow knock out all of these homes solo. My question: What are some tips and tricks that help you increase your productivity on a day to day basis? Even saving a little time here and there could be the difference between victory and defeat.

For reference, I use a Moerman excelerator/liquidator inside and WFP out.

Help me conquer this challenge!

Thanks guys


If you are dealing with very dirty sills, use a brush to dislodge the dirt and then a battery lower hand vac to suck it up. Also, catch most of the water at the bottom of the window with your applicator. That leaves less water to wipe up.


Squirt bottle.

Damp microfiber for scrubbing and soaking up water.

Towel bag.

It’s all about less trips to the truck


5gal bucket for inside. Carry with you as waste can (dirty rags, extra pump sprayer or squeeze bottles, hand tools etc)

Xero screen cleaner

Enough wfp hose to reach half around house, then other half. 30 secs to lay out hose in front of you to next corner. Huge trick from power washing.

Limit footsteps. More footsteps=less productivity.

Best wishes☺


Nailed it.


Leave your phone in the vehicle. Biggest time waster.


Put together what we call a “bug in box.” Ours is a rolling tool box like this:

Stock it with Huck towels, micro fibers, furniture sliders, magic erasers, white scrubbers, foaming glass cleaner, extra rubber blades, an assortment of squeegee channel sizes, scraper blades, extra shoe covers. a few tools like screwdrivers, mini-pry bar, pliers, drinking water, and every other thing you can think of that you typically walk out to the truck for. Saves hours a week having everything right inside the door.

Also, find out which customers wouldn’t mind you starting early, like 6 AM, that will help a lot. Good luck!


What do you use the magic eraser, white scrubber & foaming glass cleaner for?


Cleaning various substances off of glass. They are not always needed but we have them when we need them.


Great tip… When you start at 6am or 7am you can knock out a lot of work in a day.

Stay hydrated and fueled up.


V8 juice along with water replenishes my electrolights way better than Gatorade. Found that out last summer. It was a life saver.


Quick connects and hose reels


Let them know ahead of time, you will be solo and the job will take a little longer than excepted. Though you are moving as efficiently as possible you will refuse to sacrifice quality to keep your time schedule.

With so little wiggle room you may ask them to help move the breakables, nicknacks, maybe even help raising the blinds. But leave the heavy lifting to you.


I agree. I start as early as I can see. Right now I start at 6am. I like to be off by noon every day.


Magic eraser…Great for removing silicone and smudge prints.
White scrubber…Great for scrubbing glass clean that hasn’t been cleaned in years.
Foaming glass cleaner…Great for mirrors, French panes that aren’t true individual panes, using indoor cleaning kit for hard to reach windows.


Thanks guys, a lot of good info here. I plan on putting these tips to use. Hopefully all goes well, I’ll let y’all know.

Thanks again,


Kick it dawg. Let us know how it turns out😊


Its been a longggggg week boys but so far I’ve survived.

Monday: knocked out large lake home solo then worked on pressure washing rig till 10pm
Tuesday: knocked out interior and 2/3 exterior of the behemoth in the photos below then worked on rig till 11pm
Wednesday: knocked out another big lake home then caught the last 3rd of the other. Rig till midnight bc…
Today: pulled freshly built rig to home and did my first ever housewash. Killer results. Homeowners thrilled.
Tomorrow: 2 more housewashes

I’ve practically lived out of my truck since Monday morning. Keeping a cooler in the back filled with gatorade, fruit, yogurt, sandwich stuff, etc has been a life saver. Hoping to trade some of those gatorades for a few man sodas after tomorrow.

Thanks for all the great tips. My tip… when life throws you lemons, look at it as a challenge, and kick its @$$