Problem with glass sliding doors


So the last couple sliding doors that I’ve cleaned have had a long smudge down the side of the door. I really cant figure out what it is, or what is causing it. When i practice on my own sliding doors , it doesn’t happen! Am i using too much soap ? Or not enough water ?

I’m at a loss right now for what is the culprit. It looks horrible though and i had to spend and extra 20 minutes today buffing out the doors with paper towel.


Why paper towel?

Without pics, it is really impossible to speculate


All i had on me . It literally looks as if the soap and dirt mixed together and someone took a rag and wiped down and it dried on.


They are designed with a rubber gasket along the perimeter between the glass and the frame. On some designs If the rubber gasket protrudes out the leading edge of your channel will be on that piece of rubber and create a very small gap between the squeegee rubber and the glass. To prevent this takes practice and good hand eye coordination to prevent it from " hopping " up on it. You will eventually, with practice, be able to feel it hop onto that gasket and raise up.
It then leaves the remaining solution to dry ( or smudge ) .

Not sure if this is your problem but wanted to throw it out as a possibility.