Hello fellow window cleaners! I own a janitorial business with a background in window cleaning when I was in college. I am trying to attach a window cleaning division to my janitorial business. unfortunately when in college I never saw how the estimate was put together; was just told where to go and I went.

Long story short, I need some help on pricing. I know in my area windows go for $7 a window inside and out, but if I have employees doing the cleaning after being properly trained. What would I pay the employees per hour to do the jobs, and how should I do the estimate? Do I quote the job by window or by man hours? I have a commercial job coming up with 196 windows and I’m not sure what I should bid the job. Any help would be appreciated!


This year my janitorial employees have only done janitorial work. I used to try to train them to do WC but didn’t have enough WC work to get them the reps needed to become cost effective.

Expect Window cleaning employees to get paid more than janitorial employees. It is more difficult to train window cleaners than janitorial employees, some people lack the manual dexterity. Many janitorial employees frequently have some type of previous cleaning experience, whereas most have no WC experience. Not every janitorial employee can or should do ladder work.

Labor for WC runs around 30% of gross for the jobs. Factor that into their hourly wage or pay them on a percentage basis.

Please post pics of the job you want to bid. Remember that there is a lot of geographical variation in pricing. Bidding by the estimate of man hours required is tricky, probably best to bid by X per window in the beginning.