Pricing the subdivision's outside gas lanterns


Hello all! I had a residential job and the client was very pleased with my work. He also asked if I could clean his gas lanterns above his garages. I said I’d do it at $10 per lamp and he said that’s fine. Get a call today from client asking on behalf of HOA how much to clean all 36 of the community’s lights (which are considerably larger than the ones on the homes)? I was thinking $20 per light, but seems steep. What would you think is a fair price for the job? TIA!


Are these actually gas fired lanterns, or are these electric lights?

Either way, I would price them where YOU think it’s fair for you and it’s profitable.

I would not worry about the total price. HOA fees are not cheap and they can surely afford it. If not, then they can look at dirty lanterns…

You might offer one price for a one time clean, and a bit cheaper if they agree to at least a yearly cleaning for so long. If they want a yearly price, make sure there is a contract involved.


Yes, gas fired lanterns. Thanks for your input!


Price won’t be a problem !

He already is happy with your work !


It would be the HOA this time though. But they shouldn’t balk at the price. At least I hope!