Pricing Solar Panels


May get to bid on a solar farm and wondered if there might be a going rate. There are close to 80,0000 panels at this farm, with several more farms available to the right bidder.


From what I have seen on other sites for farms you would be lucky to get 25 cents per panel.
Personally I wouldn’t go under $2.


Wow, how long would it take you to clean an 80,000 solar panel farm? What would be your cleaning method? Pure water-scrubber-squeegee? I would imagine that such a task would be so huge it would be impractical to hook up a WFP unless you had some sort of a cart drawn water source and pump. They could just hire you to hose off the dirt and dust and scrub the occasional bird droppings; but there again will there be a convenient water source to tap into. Lots of logistics - there is a charge for that.


I think time is going to be a killer on these farms. Personally, I think if you are getting 60 panels an hour, you will be doing good. I doubt they will pay a buck a panel, but who knows.

That many panels at the farm, you’ll probably want 3 or 4 poles running, or you could be there a significant amount of time.


I intend to use pressure washer(s) and WFP(s) with 500 g buffer tank(s) to clean these panels. Tomorrow we will do a test run to determine the power output before and after. Since they have never been cleaned and are several years old, this should be quite the challenge, The money saved will be part of the test, and may determine that amount I can charge for the service. 77 cents per panel was suggested by the inside man.


Get yourself something like this

Saw this one of facebook last week cleaned a row of panels in a few seconds thing flew.


That certainly should get you more than 77¢ per panel! I bet it doesn’t come cheap.


Any idea where a monster like that might be found?


This one here in the pic wasn’t the one I saw on face book this one creeped along very slowly. the one on face book wasn’t propelled by motors like this , it was on free running wheels, similar to this but was just able to be pushed along at a quick walking pace and cleaned a whole row in about 20 seconds with 1 guy holding on to it while walking, followed by another guy with a WFP with a scrubber on the end to spot clean anything the machine missed.

I tried to find the original post on face book but was unable to, this was the closest thing to the machine so I posted this one, hoping someone else would find the original post.


but check this out


From this video, its about the same size as what you have an opportunity at.
They seem to be using 2 different types of cleaners both seem to work quite efficiently, one seems to have 3 rotary cleaners the other had fixed brushes.
They info said the set up was for sale for 20k and needed a 25gal/min pressure washer to power it, and it looked like they had a water tanker deliver water to them.


This is totally great. It is most definitely the future now. Must remember that these panels have coatings. So we are NOT cleaning and protecting glass surfaces !!!

Check out my three part article in the last AWC on coated glass. Thanx for posting this. It is great.



Certainly would appreciate the link to the articles.


I dove deep into that rabbit hole. Found a whole lot of interesting videos on solar panel cleaning machines, but nothing quite like what you described.

I found a robotic self propelled one that appeared to be reclaiming the water, there was barely any water dripping off the panels as it passed over. It moved very quickly, and had the ability to span small gaps between segments of panels. Looked like there was some type of squeegee on it, as well. I think it was from Israel.

I like the simplicity of a man-powered rig, though.


We cleaned 4000 panels with waterfed pole
In total we did it in 90 hours.


GREAT INFO. Thanks! What brush did you use, and were you limited by gallons per minute, did you filter the water or just go commando? This is the brush I’ll use to test:

It’s the Unger Solar Brush that I bought from Window Cleaning Resource. This behemoth is over 2’ long and required two Tucker “Over the Top” rinse bars. I’m awaiting the arrival of Amber Clean, a cleaning solution made especially for solar panels and available here.
I’ll know more about it’s efficacy and give the results of my test soon after the arrival of Amber Clean: Amber Clean is supposed to obviate the use of filtered water on solar panels, and dilutes to as much as 1 gallon to 500…


Would anyone be kind enough to give me the 411 on standard pricing on cleaning residential solar panels? Thanks.


In my area the solar installers also offer a cleaning service, with addition they also run some checks on panels, wiring making sure they are attached properly, we get severe storms here. These companies charge based on the kw generation for e.g a 10 panel system would be 2.5kw and most charge between $99-129. for a 20 panel system 5kw they charge $200-$230.

Since I am not an electrician I can not check the panels or wiring, nor do I check the bolts to ensure they are tight. I charge $3 per panel if on can get from the ground and I am on site, I will up it to $5 maybe if I have to climb the roof. If I am not on site its my minimum call out of $100. I get very few solar only jobs most are addon to windows.


$4-5 each one