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This was one of the three home that made me initially start this convo. Then I got turned down and got frustrated. I always charged more for second story cause thats what I thought everyone did. lol Booked the job and cant complain.


When I first started I found a mixture of folks charged the same for 2nd floor and some charged more. I never saw where it was double for 2nd, usually a buck or two. For me, I just kept it the same price for both as I gained experience and speed and figured out a fair price for me and my closing rate. I wanted consistency in time so I could calculate a repeatable rate that would tell me estimated time by my job price. It took a while but I made it happen to where my dollar and time to earn it are calculable to me. If I had over priced one set of basically the same windows over another it would have screwed up my whole calculation.
This is mostly why you need to set a consistent formula to work from. After a short time you can tweak as needed where your averages get a wee bit askew. Do not expect to run perfect numbers from the get go. Your actually starting from no knowledge trying to be King. Walk before you run.


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Storm on it? One price in and out, all sides.
No storm on it? Whether a casement, double hung, bay, frenchies, whatever… another price.
Over 10 feet up on the inside? Another price for Skylights and Palladians.
Outside only? 3/4 of the above prices.

Keep it simple. A per unit price allows us to do 90+% of our bids over the phone or by looking at online satellite maps. I never understood the need to count panes. Thats time taken away from actually cleaning windows and making money.


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