Pricing sheet


Just freaking frustrating lol. I have a 750,000 house and make 400k a year but 500$ is to much to pay you for working your ass off. It’s how I see it lol.


That’s not how the world works. lol

Why would they pay you double the price of other companies because your new?

Just because people have nice things or “appearance” of money doesn’t necessarily mean they have an unlimited budget or shouldn’t price shop.


I just started typing glad I stopped. You said it better. :smiley:


Look at it as on the job training my friend.
Takes time no one gets to the top in on year

Give me a trade where you can make top pay starting out.

Btw here is my estimate a gave today. Got the job. This is how I present it. Keep it simple


Starting out, especially with no experience is stressful, frustrating and simply lot of work.

It’s no 8 hour gig and not for everyone. Hearing no, over and over can be tough. Jobs you do now will take longer as you learn to be efficient but with time will get better.

There are many rewards but they do come as you get more experienced and established.

You may want to quit many times, stick with it and dont changes things too often. Need to give changes time to see if they work or not.


People that have money are the biggest penny pinchers. My Grandfather is a very wealthy man, with many properties that he rents out, Huge Condo on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, and many, many expensive things. He is well over the 7 digit marks with over couple hundred grand a year in just residual income that he receives. To my point, he and my Grandmother still use coupons at the store and look for the best deal on everything. They pinch every penny everywhere. No matter how much money people have, they still know what fair pricing is on things and will not pay more just because they have money and you have a nice smile.

You will get the hourly pricing to where you want it. But I don’t stress off Hourly pay, I just look a a job in hole. “Sweet this job I will make $350 at the end, SCORE!” I don’t care about time as much since my pricing is where I wanted it and if it takes me longer than it is what it is.

I by no means want to sound like a jerk to you, You just need time to build your technique and speed. It literally took me 3-6 months to be fast, efficient, and most importantly, confidant in yourself. Wash the windows at your house once or twice a day for a couple weeks. It will be worth it for you in the end.


That right there is how it’s done folks.
I use a window count x $ per window + any other issues to deal with…Dirty tracks, dirty screens, landscaping from hell, sprinkler scum, difficult ladder sets, etc.

With a set standard price for your formula and additional factors without getting too crazy, and you should be able to set an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE FOR THE JOB. That price may average out to $50/$60 per hour starting out but the same job with experience turns in $100+ per hour next year.


That’s it brother !! Have a formula ,present it simply . there is no reason to discuss, or show that formula to your prospect.


No guys it’s cool. I like honesty. My issue isn’t hourly pay. I look at it as a ton of work. I just vent. Seems people view our services not as valuable as theirs. Like some of the windows would be 3 story ladder work. To me 250$ would not be worth the amount of work. But I think it is going to need to be. I suck at pricing. To the topic of pricing per item that comes up … dirty tracks, ladder placement and so forth that’s when pricing gets complicated. I guess I will start pricing cheaper. I am willing. Speed isn’t the issue the 6 hour house took 4 hours on 10 windows due to the bad ladder positioning. I just want more work. But do not want to be a bucket bob. That has been my fear from the beginning and now that seems to be my issue


That is where that Factor Sheet should help you getting started with your pricing. It isn’t perfect but at least it allows you to not under bid unless your base price is out of whack.
Deliver on great service as each job is a training session - that you get paid for.


Did you make up this sheet yourself? Wish I could find a sheet like this online


takes care of all your income, expenses, accounting, payroll, invoices, receipts, vendors, shipments, MOST but not all CRM factors. Same if not better then quickbooks, OH AND IT IS FREEEE!!!

You can add any product / service you want, you can word it any way you want, and price it how ever you want, its 10000% customization content, there are 4 layout choices with more coming soon. Also an app that is about 80% awesome, until the feature I want are enabled i wont give it 100%!!


Alright. So even though I blew off some steam earlier I got good news. Got one of the three jobs scheduled. $1,075.00 for May 16. Inside and out plus tracks screens sills. Calling the second tomorrow at noon to see what her husband wants to do.


I downloaded that app. I do not see where you got that price sheet on there.


Hold on let me get some info for you. here you go. : D


Take pictures I want to see this $1,000 bid! : D Excited for you, how long you think it’ll take you?


What is the x price factor? 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and so on?


Did you charge more for the upper windows? lol


How long do you think you this new job will take?


When your ready to raise your prices just charge the same for the bottoms as you do for the tops. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: