Pricing Question from a Beginner


Hi Everyone,

What is your pricing when it comes to Store front Window Cleaning?Also if you do residential what are you charging methods?

Here’s a bit of my background. I live in South Florida it’s always hot for the most part here. I think business would be all year. I know I can land business but when they call I want to be able to give them honest quotes.

Thanks in advance for your advice


Welcome to the forum.

I believe the national average for storefront pricing per pane is $1 per side so that works out to $2 for inside and out.

I shoot for $2 a minute.

There are tons of great threads on pricing.

Use the search words "storefront pricing per pane"
And “residential pricing” in the search bar it will take you to the information your looking for plus tons more information.

Hope this helps.


Buck a pane per side here too. Don’t make them call you for an estimate. They’d rather call the guy who left a price written on his business card.


Is this for small storefronts in a strip mall and also places with single buildings like fast food restaraunts? I have got my strip mall storefront pricing about right for my area but what if I want to bid like a burger king or a bigger place like a steak house? Thanks


Guys, please make sure you search for threads on pricing. You will get so much more info than you will from starting a new one.


and kill futher forum discussion


No, chain stores are more because of pita, waiting a month for your money, chasing your money being closed without letting you know, that type of thing. I never chased the chains because of the hoops they try to have yippy jump through.


Elitist abound lately. Guys brand new, some of us were a couple years ago and we typically had it spelled out too. I for one don’t mind saying it again.


Will what part AZ you in? I’d love to do a ride along one of these days.




im a few hrs away. do you do much pole work? with morrman or wagtail


Wagtail. All day every day when on route.


should meet one day wanted too try wagtail but bought moerman guy i bought biz from mainly showed me wfp route. been learning hand technique and pole from here






Jeez. Can a guy make a living doing only windows in Yuma? Get my number from my website . Seems silly but I’m not posting it here.


the fella i bought from was doing 110 i already do well with flooring but added wfp and picked up few accounts

i’ll touch base with you in a day or two. maybe feb we could meet up. im booked half in jan already


sorry for DeRail!!!


I think you misunderstood. I’m not chastising people for starting new threads. I’m encouraging them not to miss out on all the golden nuggets from the past.

Start a new thread: get 5-10 pieces of advice.

Search old threads: get 50-100 pieces of advice.

This is a common theme I’ve encouraged for years because I think people miss out on a lot of good advice because they don’t search.


So would I be the elitist you’re referring to?

I apologize for coming off wrong, but I’m not telling people to stop starting new threads. I want to make sure they don’t forget to check old ones as well.

There’s 10+ years of good info on here and I don’t want people to miss it and rely solely on the small sample of people posting this week.

Start new threads AND search.