Pricing for small storefront in strip mall outside only


1hr 20mins.

That’s with time talking with staff and there customers.


Awesome, Yeah that round table takes about an hour, no customers there when I Do it, They usually packed once open, until late shift. And I didn’t get into this business to work late nights at a pizza place… Haha see what I did there…


So for just outside(half the work) would you cut that price in half if you were already in the area? I honestly think im overthinking it. I just need to find out how much I need to charge to make it worth my time then go out and bid jobs.


Do you ever get accounts like this taken from you buy bigger window cleaning companies that undercut?


Yes I think your over thinking.


It’s a corporate account.

And to be honest, I have never lost an account to someone under bidding.

If you provide a high quality and professional service and the clients like you, your golden.


$2/minute for storefront?? whoa!


is that weekly or biweekly?


Weekly account.

The reason I posted the pics of both the small storefront and medium-sized storefront was for @Jonathan31 so he could have an idea what he might be able to charge.

Like a reply I posted in another thread that @Jonathan31 was asking about pricing.

@Jonathan31 you mentioned a buddy of yours that owns a window cleaning company said that he charges $2 a side, I would start there and see how that works.

Every market is different so your pricing might be different then ours.


That’s a nice car payment every month :wink:


Please don’t think of it that way.

That’s not why I posted what I charged for that stop.

It was just for a reference point for Jonathan.


Why wouldn’t someone think along those lines? You have a good paying account like that every week and you can pay off the company rig then some


Yeah but that Australian dollars. May as well be Monopoly money jk