Pressure washing trailer.....need advice :/


I’ve come across a trailer that has a Honda GX620 engine and an Alkota hot system, 8ft trailer(no license plates), 2 hose reels, 100 gallon tank, 974 hours on it.
It starts and runs fine.

The pump has been rebuilt according to him.
However…water only drips out the hose.
Guy that is selling it says it’s the heating coils , they are probably clogged and need to be cleaned.

Don’t know much about hot pressure washers. Currently use a cold washer for routine commercial routes I have. They have offered me their dumpster areas to clean, the cold washer won’t do it. So this is why I’m interested in this trailer.

Anyone have any input? I’ve searched around and found the hearing coils would cost around $500 to replace(parts only).

What would you consider offering him?
He said make an offer, but don’t want to offend him lol
And I honestly don’t know what it would be worth in the condition that it’s in


Did you try the pressure washing forum? Lol


I did.


Possible @Mulchtank can give advice.


Psi? Gpm?
What brand are the hose reels?




I’d go pretty low, and that’s if you just want to part it out. With the tank in the front, looks like it wouldn’t tow well (ful of water that is). The pressure washer skid unit is a huge question mark. From the those symptoms, I’m not buying the “clogged heater coil” explanation. It does appear it has a 110v heater with a generator instead of a 12v system, which is a plus. Trailer and reels look solid, though your not going to put any bigger water tank on just a single axle. Big fuel tank.

What is the Gallons per Minute (GPM) and pounds per square inch(PSI) of the pressure washer unit?


5000 psi, 4 gpm … I think.


Honda gx620 vtwin electric start engine


Without seeing it in person, I’d offer $1000 or less. Don’t worry about insulting him; it’s just how it works. Repair costs is a huge unknown. 5000 psi 4 gpm is not very big, not much of a jump from Home depot machines (though, with that generator, I’d wonder if its bigger). If you have the model number, easy to look up specs on that Alkota skid unit.

If the machine won’t pressurize, that also means you don’t know if the reels leak, or if the unloader works, or if it’s ever been frozen. If you’re confident in your abilities to repair it yourself, the bones look good.


Tried calling Alkota, they are closed weekends.
I have the serial number though.


Model is Alkota MT435 I believe


Sold for $1900 plus auction fees, which is about 20%

I wasn’t prepared to bid more than $900
Oh well, next time, thanks for the input guys :+1: