Pressure washer problem


Brand new pressure washer, only used 3 times. Went to start it but hardly any water coming out of nozel. Then I went to start it and it wouldn’t pull, very stiff. Something is clogged it seems like? How did this happen? What is clogged how do I fix this


It sounds like the engine started to crank and you got some pressure built up. Let the pressure off by squeezing your trigger then try to start it. That should do the trick.


Yeah I know that. It seems like there’s something clogged? I managed to get it started but after running it I turned it off becauss the pressure kept dying down. I checked for hose kinks, nothing.


This may sound stupid but did you check to make sure there’s oil in the engine and pump? Whats the make?

Sometimes they just need a few minutes to warm up and build up pressure. Try letting it idle a few minutes…


Be sure there is a good volume of oil in the pump. As I understand it you need to stay on top of crankcase oil for the motor AND the pump.


Just to second what the others said, make sure you have plenty of oil. That’s the only other thing I can think of that would make the pull cord seem physically hard to pull. If the engine is running fine, but you continue to have issues with pressure then it could be a number of things (bad unloader, something clogging up the pump, bad trigger gun, etc.).


What’s crazy is I just did an oil change and I ran it after my oil change and everything ran great. I used the right level and the oil is at the max level for everything. The only thing I did different is I used a strong bleach concentrate (12.5%) and I diluted it 50/50 with water, and I ran it thru a down stream injector. Also, when I was trying to pull start the engine, the fly wheel was pulling back with force when the engine turned over even a little bit. I mean it pulled back hard I busted my knuckle and everything.


Take the unloader off and see what happens. (Don’t attach anything to the pump, just leave it open)


I had done that, water shoots out like a pencil jet


Make is honda gx390 and the pump is triple A. 4gpm 4200 psi


Is the engine actually bogging down or are you just losing pressure now? Have you tried switching out trigger guns or removing the chemical injector entirely?


I have not tried that


Take it back to home depot and get another one if it has been less than 90 days


Why the sly insult. Didn’t get my washer at Home Depot.


Not meant to be an insult but the specs sound like it’s a dewalt 4200 4gpm. Nothing wrong with it I had one.


It’s not tho it’s a honda gx390


Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought “honda gx390” refers to the type of motor. Meaning this could describe other equipment, not just a pressure washer.


Is this the one @Wallywindow


You are correct. That is just a motor which is the on that powers the dewalt. Say what you want. I’m sure that you are using a dewalt. That’s not the point if you bought it new from a big box store and it’s still under warranty just take it back and get another one. I wouldn’t bother trying to fix it.


Yes sir it is