Power Washing: Surface Cleaning A Drive Thru



Good video, I found it very informative and helpful.

I have been debating getting into power washing since I’m doing a water fed trailer might also to add a pressure washer set up to it.

Was that drive-through about a 100’?
How long would that take?
How much do you charge? Hourly or by foot ?
What PSI and hot or cold?
Do you also clean the sidewalks?
How often?

Appreciate any feedback



Yes, 100 feet sounds about right x about 6’.
Drive thru with no traffic, done monthly takes about 45 minutes. With dumpster and sidewalks, about 3.5-4 from setup to breakdown.

I charge price points per item - sidewalk, dump, drv at a certain schedule. As schedule deceases, price increases.
National Prices range from .06-.60 sq ft depending on level of filth, competition or lack thereof. Curbing, 1-2 bucks per linear ft. But i added curbs on touch up basis.
Expect an 8 hour day for initial cleans.

Hot water. 6.5gpm/4000psi

Sidewalk yes every week.

I had no competing bids.


That looks like a high quality sc. What brand/ model is it. I just discovered my highly recommended classic is a pos when it snapped in half during the middle of a job.


It’s a Mosmatic. It held up ok for the abuse it took, which was a lot.
Was that a whisper wash classic you were using? What snapped?


Yup. Thats the one. Looking at it now I dont know if it actually snapped. Mayne those pieces were glued in or something. But the pin thats supposed to secure the bottom amd top half of the handle bars is still in tact and its not supposed to seperate at that point. I just wrapped a bungee xord around it and it works fine but for $600ish id expect it to last longer than the 6 months ive been using it. I still havnt contacted the manufacturer about it. Maybe they’ll replace the faulty parts for me. Ill keep you updated.


Do you use different chemicals for drive-through, garbage area and sidewalks?

I would imagine maybe drive up and garbage area with the grease would you use like a degreaser ?

What type of chemical do apply on your sidewalks if any?

Is chemical applied with pump sprayer or through a dispenser through the pressure washer?


You definitely want to use a good degreaser for drive throughs and I use degreaser for sidewalks as well. Ive known guys to just use bleach for side walks but heavy traffic areas will need degreasing. Usually doenstreamed or applied with with a brush. Down steaming is when you suck the soap/ chem through a dispenser located after the pump.

There’s tons of info on pressurewashingresource.com