*POSTPONED* For sale (trade for DI) like new EZPURE RO/DI system


It is either for sale for reasonable price, or trade for in great condition easy refillable DI system. System was maintained properly when not in use, hence last month I measured only 1PPM!!!

Check 2 videos:

video #1

video #2

I’m selling because I don’t do windows as often anymore.

Reasonable offer only .)

Available for pickup in Nevada City,CA


How much


Make me an offer…in PM if you like .)












for something that costs $1600 new and is in like new condition with only 1PPM?


Try ebay @Pavel.


Thanks for suggestion @Rockward !
I was trying to fellow window washers here 1st. On Craigslist and Marketplace now.

With EBAY it’d have to be local pickup as this thing is heavy. Can’t imagine shipping cost for this :thinking:


The buyer can pay estimated shipping costs, and if the price was right they probably wouldnt mind.


Ebay it is :slight_smile:



Are you selling this through another person? I just won the item on eBay and the seller cancelled citing a bogus reason.

  • Sean


Lol that was you that beat my bid!? :joy:


Any response @seanktm?



Yes I was the one selling it. Problem was that day before I had message unread I couldn’t see anywhere. So I did after auction. Wierd. Could be someone asking important question and I wasn’t able to read it. I sent you snapshots of it. DId you get them?


Hahah, I believe it was. I did win the auction.


OK, but I don’t see how that’s a reason for cancelation of the auction I won. And the reason stated on eBay was that my address had a problem. I’ve communicated with you via Ebay already on shipping expectations.


There were only 3 options to choose for cancellation so I picked that one. No option such a “messaging not functioning” or whatever issue that was.