Posting for the first time, using squeegee since 2012


Figured it was about time to introduce myself since I’ve been feeding off this forum for years now. I’m basically really lazy with texting, emailing and typing. It makes me tired.

Anyway, I’m Nick from the Southeastern part of the Twin Cities in the beautiful rainy state of Minnesota.

I like to keep my operations small but it wasn’t until this season I saw the potential for decent growth when I began to use WFP. Built my own system, basically a copy of the Zero system, I just like to build things from scratch. I bought a Xero pole and I’m now doing bigger jobs where I can tackle by myself from the ground with no worry of ladder issues.

Hopefully the photo I attached post correctly. It shows my ro/di system, pole, and truck nicknamed Black Donkey. I also use a backpack sprayer, pump style and it saves so much water on the repeat homes. I sometimes get the wtf is that thing look when I do hook up my ro/di at a house. I would have the same look to.


What a great first post :grinning: Welcome!


Welcom to the forum @kingdingdong …that was fun to type!

Nick I look forward to your future “few” posts! :wink:


Thanks Chris for this forum.

Btw, I have 2 copies of your book because I bought the book before deciding to become a member and when I membered up, you guys sent me another book.

I was thinking if I come across a guy who cleans windows at stop lights, which I’ve never actually seen, I think they just put that in movies but I’d put the extra copy in the fellas hands and watch his street corner business EXPLODE!