Post your WFP trailer or Van mounted set up


It would be helpful to see how people are using their WFP Van or trailer mount set ups.

Looking for ideas from others to see what customizations and better storage ideas could be of benefit.

From tank based to on site water connected systems. How you connect to the water source, charging systems for batteries, hose reel setups, pole storage And any creative ideas that Make your day easier.


I keep all my window cleaning equipment in my truck bed so I’m not much help there but I would imagine thatvyiu could prob get some decent ideas looking at pressure washer trailers. With the exception of the machine everything else is pretty similar.



Can you give us some pointers on what you ended up doing! We need some insight on all of this right now! We purchased a cargo trailer. At the moment we use a xero pure but are planning on purchasing a tank based system. We need to see how we would set up our trailer!



Not done, mine wont be permanent mount or maybe one system may be but still need some portability for courtyards so must be able to wheel one system out as needed.

My plan is if I like it this season to buy a permenant system to mount.

I mounted tank today, lines to hose reels this week yet.


I had a similar plan, xero pure to roll out if need be and a tank based system. Mine is still in the works but trying to get some help on trailer organization/set-up. Let me know if you’re interested in talking I’d love to learn a thing or two! Phone call or text anytime…



Im done loading and unloading everything daily. We use wfp 3 days a week.

About time I simplify my system and put it in one place, trailer.


Here was mine…


Wow. Just…wow. I think you should be made THE MAN.


This guy’s set up I really dig!

Only thing I don’t like about it is the carbon fiber housing for the RO. I’d have went stainless steel for that one…I’d use stainless over any kind of pvc/pvb whatever (there’s probably 5 or 6 grade levels of plastic piping that you can use that gets crazy expensive and really overkill).


Okay, confused. Was “Here was mine” actually yours? Sorry, I thought I was looking at YOUR working rig. Can ya clarify for me…just curious.


Okay, ThorSG1, knowing “This guy’s set up I really dig!” is not yours, but knowing you’re drooling over that one… yeah, that is an incredible rig. Now let me get back to thinking about my first WFP. Have a 3 story lead that has me thinking. Will first try 25’ pole and fixin’s. WFP is last resort. But…can’t wait to get into that.


Yes, it WAS mine because it was stolen a few months back. I got the trailer back but everything inside is gone…even swept the floor too! That was my trailer for almost 8 years. Made work so easy. Now I have to lug a tank, a lame piece of junk hose reel from Sams club that breaks every 5 minutes and deal with having to bring it out of my truck every night and back in in the mornings while trying not to wake the neighbors!

I had noticed the videos on the right hand side bar on youtube when getting the share link from my video and seen that guys set up with the van, I think thats super practical for what he needed and had.

I had holes under the trailer for running the hoses too.

The only flaw in that system (if you can call it that) was I didn’t notice any extension cords for an option to run the pumps without a battery (I’d rather use line power than battery anyway) and the carbon fiber housing. Over time that thing is going to end up brittle and I can only guess, but as it gets old, its ability to handle pressure will end up being diminished and end up cracking.

Last thing you need at a jobsite is to have a major repair needed that can’t be done onsite.


Dang. Sorry for your loss. Hope you find/ found the culprits. What an age we live in. Hoping you will out earn the problem and have a better rig than before.


I highly doubt it. I’ll outlive it tho. I don’t even care anymore man it is what it is. Who knows what the future brings, when it comes to stuff like this. It sucks, true, but its only things.


I have already added the appropriate insurance to cover the equipment in my trailer. Added $125.00 annually. Inland Marine coverage already covered my equipment to $1000 per item but needed to add the poles and machines.

Cant beat the security, we know anything can happen.