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Post withdrawn


Totally unrelated, but what kind of brush do you use on your wfp? I’m looking for a new brush, (for residential)


I’ll just use your picture since I don’t currently have a picture with me. But I’ll post picture and I do later.
I’m assuming your total price is $145 monthly. And your charging extra for the way high window panes.

Normally I would be $96 inside out with $50 first cleaning, but those super high windows I would also be $145 but inside out.

So all windows in/out first clean $200 maintenance monthly at $145.




I read and understood exactly what you wanted, here let me upload a bullshit picture to prove how me adding a picture won’t make a difference, the info is the same?

This repeats roughly on each side.
For roughly 50 panes of glass I actually clean. So I do $50+ $50 initial clean outside bi weekly, and same for Inside.

So every two weeks I clean outside for $50 and every 6 weeks I clean inside for $50.

But I guess for sake of your argument, from what you can see in picture is 17 panes at $2.00 each which includes in/outs so that’s $34 + 50 initial clean. And I go back every two weeks?

I don’t care where I live or move to, I would mostly use the same price if structure. Maybe, maybe add a $1.00 to each count.

Did I get it right this time, or am I still not reading or understanding your post?


Upper panels(above canopy)outside $45

Lower windows (under canopy)

Inside $50

Outside $50

Northern California (i know that it’s not it’s own state*)

*yet, Go Jefferson!