Popular storefronts for possible business


Hey guys, new to the window cleaning biz. Just wondering what are some of the popular franchises that I could get business from? I am not insured yet and I know some franchises make sure that you are fully professional. Just wondering what franchises let managers have petty cash that they can pay out to the neighborhood window cleaning guy lol.


You just need to get out there and start canvassing. What may work in my area may not work in yours. Franchisees opinion on expenses change from owner to owner. Corp stores dms can even change from one region to the next. Get out there and start talking to people.


And get insured asap!


Are there any national insurance agencies you recommend? Or are most of them just regional type agencies?


I would recommend you work with a local agency that sells policies from national carriers.

The insurance providers/carriers can be a hassle to deal with in the event of an accident, since they will come up with any number of reasons to avoid paying out. A local agent will know exactly how to make sure you or your clients get paid in the event of a claim.


I only do local businesses, relocations, and new small businesses. They all pay cash, and are easy to land. I get a lot of residential clients from my accounts.


Start walking and talking and passing out cards with prices on them. And you have to do it multiple times, I would hit a strip mall or an area at least once a month. And when you get one job in the area then others tend to follow, it will take time but persistence and people seeing you regularly will pay off.


Get insurance ASAP. It is hard enough to get established, no need to limit yourself to the few commercial customers who don’t care about insurance.

Insurance carriers will sell policies on payment plans. You can pay off the policy once you get some jobs.


Man you could pick up a $1,000,000 policy for yourself for about $60 a month. Do that asap, but until then just go out canvassing and deal with the insurance if someone ask.