Polzn Bladz - What Channel Size To Use For Pole Work?



Another great vid from mr blades


I use 10 and a custom made 12 Liquidator Fliq for almost all of my pole work. The thing I’ve found is that once the pad is really well broken in you can use much more acute angle on your passes. I rarely use the pad mounted under. It works but close out is generally compromised and it needs to be pointed out that it was never designed to be used under anyway.


Aye aye matey! I use a 10 and 14 inch pad for pole work mainly. Lovely tools :slight_smile:


We use 12inch -20inch with the scrubbing pad under the channel mostly.
But using the 12 inch scrubbing pad sometimes over the top of channel.


Nothing wrong with straight pulls with a 24" channel either.


Yes we also have a 24 inch channel use it for big store windows how ever we fan with it if you can reach the top of the window without using pole.


Sure thing :slight_smile: