Polzn Bladz - Excelerator Talk Part 1



Nice to hear Bob talking again.


I agree. It a great series of videos, tons of great tips when using the liquidators channels and excelerator handle.


I still can’t see how the excelerator would replace large wide body channels on huge glass.


PolznBladz use to use really long channels, like fifty inches. I saw the videos. He says he’s faster with the new liquidator channels. “No detailing”

I think you’re right if it’s really big glass like a car dealership. But he’d be using a 22” flip pad.


I’ve used Excelerator from the beginning and I have no argument with this Steve. If using 22” and above Widebody channels is a normal part of your workflow? It won’t. I don’t have large daily runs of large commercial glass so this size channel simply isn’t on my radar and if 18” max is your standard widebody channel (Ettore themselves developed their widebody for 22” and above and originally believed that up to 18” their standard brass was fine), then with some adjustment it’s possible.