Polzn Bladz - Evolving With Unconventional Moves



When a window is completely reachable would it be most efficient to simply loose the pole and wash by hand?

Each turn of the squeegee leaves an opportunity for a spot left at pivot point. methods with less turns can eliminate hacks and improve speed.


He was demonstrating on that window to show the technique for when you get to awkward windows you may need a pole but can’t stand in front :weary:


Yeah, I can wag at ground level similar to the video… but I’ve got to give @HE_MAN credit, he makes it look effortless.

The essential PolznBlades video for me was to practice pole waggin off hand. He had a video a while back where he’d switch hands and you don’t realize how difficult it is until you run into the window where you have to switch. I’ve got one window that requires me to switch and every time I do it, I tell myself that I have to practice off hand.


Think you talking about this video??

Or maybe this one??