Polzn Bladz - Advanced Pole Work Part 1



For me, knowing how to do it without error is one thing and going fast to make money is another. Could I fan like that? Sure. Would I while I was on the clock? No. I’d just do a straight pull or a z and maybe need to towel the top edge or side but then I’d go on to the next one.

I’ve got the same analytical mindset as PolznBladz when it comes to looking at a window. I’m just not as obsessive compulsive about not using towels. I’m more concerned with getting done fast and moving on to the next one. The result for the homeowner is the same and maybe I use 4-5 towels for a big house or 1-2 for a storefront, but that doesn’t bother me.

And I think it might be different in the UK because homeowners here don’t watch us work. Well, I’ve had a very few of them that would follow me from room to room, but they’re pretty rare. What they’re concerned with is the result. However, when I’m washing screens, I put on a show because the homeowner (and neighbors) can appreciate watching that.

The only people who could really appreciate what PolznBladz is doing are other analytical window cleaners. I like what he does, I notice how he does, I know why he does the pull right/pull left/fan middle and I think it’s cool. It’s like a martial artist appreciating a little nuance flick of a master.