Please help bid my first hot lead



Today was my first day canvasing store fronts. I received a hot lead on a church that is looking for a window cleaner and has been for a while. I told her I would go look at the church and give her a bid. Once I arrived, my butt puckered a little. I studied up on small store fronts but not something this large. I do not want to over or under bid so I am going to post some pics and my window counts along with my bid price and hope to get some positive feedback.

Single story church.
west side has 12 windows
front concrete side has 7 windows
church entrance and length of building has 21 windows
the length of the entrance and building has 18 small windows
inside entrance has 3 large windows
inside entrance has 3 small bottom windows
total doors are 24

This is outside only not counting both sides of the glass.
Some pole work
no ladders needed as I know of.

So for inside and outside I priced this at 200$ weekly, 249$ initial clean then 225$ bi weekly and 249$ intial clean and 299$ monthly. All windows

inside outside only high traffic areas (church entrance and food court)
199$ initial clean and 99$ week maintenance clean.

outside only all windows and inside of high traffic areas
199$ and 149$ maintenance clean.

Outside only I was thinking 249$ initial clean and

What are your opinions. I went back and talked with her and she said that she dont think they will need inside and outside every time. The high traffic areas would be inside and outside, that is the whole front of the church building. Just the front high traffic areas will be 114 individual pieces of glass with pole work.

I really want this job. It would give me that much needed boost after being pounded into the dirt today.


What’s your minimum price?


I do this for a living and your pricing confused me.

Think about how a customer’s going to look at that, maybe a little too many configurations.

Likely a church wont pay you for monthly unless it’s extremely low. Did the customer ask for so many variations and frequencies?

I think your price seems low but you’re new. I usually don’t advise to price low but many here have said they learn by giving free services too.

Try it and see how it goes.

To help you generate a better bidding system I would advise you to have a method, window count, hourly approach or whatever to base your initial bid from so you have a base point to change once you get actual time frames. Adjust a accordingly


@TheWindowCleanse and @jhans

You said my pricing confuses you… Perfect I am just as confused in my own head. They do want a consistent cleaning of the high traffic area at least after the initial clean. I have literally no idea what I am doing. I would not have given her all those different prices I was just throwing you guys some of my thoughts. Its my first day man lol. To minimum price… Well I do not have that yet either. I have zero jobs at the moment. So I initially got the price by counting the windows and using 1.25$ per pain so 2.50$ per window.I did 0.75$ for the small bottom windows so 1.50$ per window. The total came out to 180$ or something with that.


You have 176 total panes of glass. Forget size of panes for now.

Here’s what you do:

1) Initial clean.

  • Always inside/out.
  • $350 = $2 a pane.
  • Don’t budge.

2) Maintenance.

  • You tell them the schedule.
  • Start at once/wk, they won’t go for it but you’ll get every other week.
  • Address dirtiest glass (Outside and Doors in/out). Give them price for that.

3) Break It Down.

  • Set a minimum price for yourself, like $25.
  • Divide the fronts up into banks.
  • Count them up and multiply by minimum price.
  • Don’t doubt yourself. The price should feel like more than you want to charge. That’s the right price.


@cruzzer3 Look at this its a simple format to follow.

I.M.O. i dont think they going to go for the weekly but start with that and work down you should be able to get Bi weekly ( that to me works best for that size storefront) or even monthly but High traffic area maybe weekly -Bi weekly and that would be a great start.

Dont over think things.

@TheWindowCleanse broke it down in a way that is simple to follow and works.


@TheWindowCleanse so 350$ sounds good for the amount of work for initial inside out. Then maybe high traffic areas inside and out once a week for 150$? Go up to 170 every two weeks? When you say divide the fronts up into banks what does that mean? like the groups of 5 large panes equals 1 bank?


Yes on banks.


@cruzzer3 The scions between brick I call banks ( not including door section)


@TheWindowCleanse dang you fast tonight jordie


Yes. Initials are ALWAYS the worst. Even now, I still have to keep remembering that on my estimates.




so to find the maintenance clean price I would do 2$ per window thats 1$inside and 1$ outside? Why do I read on here people talk about the doors seperate? Is that a seperate charge? Why would that be a different price. I would like to get this quote out before sunday so she could present it to the board. Is my 150 high for just the 3 banks inside and out? It also has a second entry way once you go through the closest set of doors in the picture. I am so sorry for being such a pain. I am a NEB to the finest. I really appreciate your guys help.


There is also a fourth bank in that highlighted picture. You can barely see it. If you can make out the lawn mowers in the picture. The church stops at those lawn mowers.


In my experiences churches want everything for free so don’t overthink it too much give them a price and leave it at that do not budge on the price.


@TheWindowCleanse and @AKMlarry so I took both of your guys information. I figured I would be happy with 275$ for a initial clean. Took the information of churches wanting free work into consideration also. So bubble guy I kinda got a forehead slap from your info but… here is why. I charged a initial clean of 375 with a 30% off discount. A one time discount only. That brought my price down just below my 275. Then I sent my estimate sheet with a weekly quote of 125 for high traffic areas only. If the initial clean price don’t scare them away and I could lock down a 500$ account monthly I would be very happy. I’ll go 150 every two weeks if needed. When should I follow up?