Plan for the worst!


Like many of other window cleaners, I use the 6" razors almost daily. In 25 years I have only had one employee cut himself enough to need the ER. It also happened once to me when a rustic piece of decorative wood frame came loose and jammed the razor into my thumb.

After the incident with my employee, it made me consider what would happen if it had been a major artery and no one was around to help. Since then I have always kept at least one Tourniquet in each vehicle. They are cheap and easy to find online or at medical supply stores.

Hopefully we will never really need to use these but I have peace of mind knowing they are there. We keep them in a place that is in open view and quickly available in the event of an emergency so a person could easily access it and stop major bleeding until help could arrive.


Good idea. But I’d recommend a rat and a decent first aid kit.


Just remember, its almost impossible to tie a tourniquet one handed. Especially to tie it tight enough to stop bleeding. So if you cut an artery on one arm, you are wasting effort and may bleed out before help can get to you.

Direct pressure would be better if you are by yourself. or applying pressure before the bleed.


This is what you carry in your vehicle ?


I agree with Jared, you need to get the one handed tourniquet. This will help out in so many situations.

Hoosier, you mention the whole being there alone. Good look applying enough pressure in such a short amount of time before you lose so much blood and most of your energy - you can no longer apply pressure.

In theory your statement is correct, but in practice a person without much is better off tearing aome fabric or using it all, such as a sock or shirt or all the window rags we carry… , and a stick. That’s a single handed tourniquet we always have around us… heck. A good rag towel and a Squeegee channel would do wonders!

This is why teams of 2 are better but some run solo like me.
This is all just my opinion. Thank you.


never thought of cutting myself while window cleaning lol

flooring sure i do all the time you’ll never use sharper razors than carpet knives.

i do have a first aid kit but thankfully didnt hit anything vital.


When I worked for a prior cleaning company, my co worker was on a 3-4 step ladder that had those holes for screw drivers on top (non step). Well he decided to place his blade sticking up in the largest hole… he also got the bright idea to place his hand on the blade as he was coming down…

Bam he cut a very nice slice across his entire palm… I ran over wrapped him with a huck towel and used my French pane channel (I really love quick release handle!!) to tourniquet his hand.

Thankfully we were only 3 blocks away from hospital I felt it quicker to just jump in van and drive va calling… I was amazed when the er agreed with me, I expected to be chewed out.

You should always expect the unexpected…

Later I’ll upload a video of a fire I put out a couple month ago at my minimum wage job. Man takes pointy screw and screws it into a lithium battery after I clearly explained not to and why, as did my two other co workers who continued to try and help him after I walked away convinced all was fine.


We carry first aid kits, requirement actually but a tournaquite, over thinking it.


I keep one of those one handed tourniquets the cops carry (actually a cop friend gave it to me) on my motorcycle. Hope I never need it.


I agree with Jared
RATS TQ’s are the way to go. Lots of Law enforcement and former military guys I know carry them. I wouldn’t trust my life to things you have. Better than nothing but I think spending a little extra is better if your life could depend on it.


I get what your saying. But the again I think EVERYONE should have a TQ nearby. No matter their profession or daily life. Never know when your life or someone else’s life could possibly depend on it


Don’t forget one of these.

customer door panels



few years back we had a thug attempt to rob a lady at a grocery store. he approached her with a knofe she told she put her purse in the trunk he told her to open the trunk she then pulled out out a sword lol shes a local belly dancer and knows how to use a sword he ran


Well, I’ve actually had formal training and held a state cert for first responder. I have an basic level EMT training. You?

I’ve actually experienced in real life how to slow and stop bleeding with direct and indirect pressure. A tourniquet is actually a last ditch effort and not recommended in most situations, as you lose limbs and body parts from the lack of blood flow for very long.
But hey, they aren’t my limbs that might get amputated. Do whatever you like.

The biggest hurdle one will face, is keeping their cool and their wits about them in an emergency situation. When you panic, that’s when the risk of fatality raises.


Is this where I don’t response because I don’t want to get involved with the measuring our of sizes.

You could have came back with a better reply. It is not like you mentioned prior to having any level of training. And secondly your training should have detailed how much easier it is to have a EMT do it to someone va your doing it to yourself. That was he point I was proving. Against good luck holding that much pressure on a hard to reach wound for long periods of time. ALONE…

Just my opinion, thank you.


Well, I didn’t mention it because this is an internet forum. I have experienced a lot of things in life, that I don’t see the need to broadcast like it’s some kind of list of pride. It’s just part of who I am.

IMO, there are lots of “basics” things a well rounded, half assed educated person should know. First aid being something I feel as one of those basics we ALL need to know. Stuff happens all the time.

Having the training doesn’t make it “easier” somehow. It’s just knowledge to insure you do what you are supposed to. Like I said already, YOU have to keep your wits about you, that’s IS what is most important.

And YES, you certainly can stop/significantly slow bleeding with indirect pressure yourself. You just need to know how to do it.